Nissan to change the electric car recharger for the better

Electric cars are the new cool toy for those that can afford it but one of the biggest problem facing general acceptance is that it takes up to four hours or more to recharge the car batteries.

It is this hurdle that Nissan looking to change with its new charging station which it says will recharge the Nissan Leaf to full capacity within 10 minutes.

Nissan has managed to pull this off by changing the components that go into a charging station. Where they were using carbon as the electrode that goes inside the capacitor they are now using tungsten oxide, as well as vanadium oxide to improve power.

This improvement should be good news for all electric vehicle manufacturers as Pike Research recently released a report that suggested that manufacturers could possibly expect some strong push back from consumers if they don’t find some way to improve the recharging time from the current four to eight hours.

via New York Daily News