YouTube HTML5 For Blackberry 7

YouTube Brings Optimized HTML5 To Blackberry 7 Devices

YouTube on Sunday announced a newly optimized version of HTML5 for Blackberry 7 devices. The announcement comes after Apple iOS and Google Android users have had access to HTML5 YouTube browser support for quite some time and showcases the unwillingness of developers to quickly adapt their platforms for the clunkier Blackberry operating system.

According to Research In Motion (makers of Blackberry devices) the service works with Blackberry 7 devices because the browser features more modern extensions then previous versions.

The new system (shown above) uses the multi-touch capabilities of the Blackberry 7 OS and provides a more fluent display for easy navigation.

It should be noted that RIM is switching their focus on the QNX operating system for future handsets, the OS that currently powers their failing PlayBook tablet device. While the PlayBook has generally been viewed as a step forward for the company.

If you’re a Blackberry 7 device user check out the new HTML5 YouTube feature and let us know what you think.

[via Crackberry]