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Lil Wayne Apparently Hasn’t Signed Cristiano Ronaldo To His Sports Management Agency

Lil Wayne recently signed international soccer football star Cristiano Ronaldo to his new sports management agency. Congrats, Weezy! Oh, wait. Maybe not.

Although a number of outlets claimed Wayne had inked a deal with the world-renowned athlete, Ronaldo claims that nothing of the sort has taken place. It’s enough to make Lil Wayne fans scratch their heads in confusion. If Cristiano hasn’t hopped aboard the rapper’s new company, then where why is everyone reporting that it happened?

According to HipHopDX, Ronaldo shot down rumors of the Lil Wayne deal on his official Twitter account. Despite what your friends may have told you over a warm cup of sizzurp, the soccer football player hasn’t entered into an agreement with Weezy’s agency.

The evidence lies below.

Although Lil Wayne isn’t managing Ronaldo, apparently he’s going to handle other aspects of the star’s career. According to TMZ, Wayne’s company is presently tasked with overseeing “branding, marketing, and other sports management issues in the United States.” So they’re working together, just not in the way some people initially thought.

It’s okay if you’re confused. We are, too.

As you can probably tell, Lil Wayne is an exceptionally busy guy these days. When he isn’t getting everything in order to launch his sports management agency, the rapper is busy preparing for a lengthy North American tour and a new album. Of course, nobody seems to know when that record is going to drop. Way to play with our emotions, Wayne.

Despite the lack of a proper release date, Weezy is reportedly hard at work on a music video for his song “Krazy.” According to MTV News, director Colin Tilley drew inspiration from the classic Jack Nicholson flick One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for the upcoming clip. However, Lil Wayne said the song isn’t as literal as some might think.

The rapper explained:

“I’m not talking about being crazy in the song, I’m just talking about being me, and a lot of people view that as crazy so we just wanted to capture that and have fun with it.”

What do you think of the confusion surrounding soccer football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Lil Wayne’s sports management company? Are you surprise they’re working together?

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