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WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Not Cashing WWE Checks, Could Be Done With Wrestling

Rey Mysterio

In a surprising report, a WWE Superstar is not cashing their checks. It is often said that this is done as a way to quit the company, so that no money is owed. However, it is surprising anyone would turn down money, especially guaranteed cash. WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, known for his lucha libre style and ability to get hurt in some of the most interesting ways, seems to be a bit perturbed.

Rey Rey has been hurt a lot, and as such, the WWE likes to get as much out of their Superstars as they can even when hurt. Due to their arrangement, WWE had the right to extend his contract out without his permission to make up for the time he missed while hurt. They have done this before with him, and now they are again because, yet again, he is hurt. The cool part of this is that WWE is still paying Rey, so it’s not as if he is suddenly losing out by sitting at home, but still under WWE contract.

The problem is, Rey wants out it seems. His contract officially expired several months ago, but was then extended for another year because of the fact WWE felt like they owed him. Owing someone is a bit much, but WWE thinks they can profit more than what they pay him. The reason they feel that is because Rey has high merchandise sales, and when someone’s merch is good, WWE can profit a lot off of them even if they are not there. For example, CM Punk has been gone from the WWE since January, yet his merchandise was on for months and WWE made good money by keeping it going.

Merch was removed as much as possible, and CM Punk was officially moved to the alumni section last week. Punk has been busy since his contract ended as well.

There was a thought that the WWE would renew Punk’s deal without permission just the same as they did with Rey. Yet the company has not done this, and may not for good reason. They may not have done this with Rey if he was not hurt a ton in his last contract. Rey has hinted that he wanted to retire, but nothing was made official. There has been no return date set for the high-flyer, and due to the fact that he has refused to cash any checks, Rey may file to get out of his contract.

Usually getting out of a WWE contract is not easy, so Rey would most likely have problems trying to do it. However, if the WWE realized a guy wants out, doesn’t want to return, and they are losing money trying to keep them around… it would make sense that they would let them go. They could still always sign a merchandise contract with Mysterio so that they can sell his stuff, but he would be free to do what he wanted without WWE permission.

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23 Responses to “WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Not Cashing WWE Checks, Could Be Done With Wrestling”

  1. Randall Ford Sager

    Well he probably has money saved anyway. The WWE isn't the most employee friendly corporation to work for either. The guys just join to make the money. Many don't like Vince M. there is good reason why they don't. But Vince is the one in controll and again if they want the money they do as he wants.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe somebody should check on Rey to see if he's fallen and can't get up.

  3. Randall Ford Sager

    Why I say that WWE isn't the most friendly to employee's is I do have know things that prove that. Yes what I know has come from former employee's and current employee's of the WWE.

  4. Richard Symonowicz

    WWE,,Turned into Blood sucking vampires,,Working with them seems like a tick on a dog you just can get rid of it..They never really care how bad your hurt,,Rey Mysterio, C M Punk,, and Batista, are smart Wrestlers that had enough of WWE`s CRAP… Like goes on like Jack and Diane…..

  5. Habib Khan

    While reading Behind the Mask Rey Mysterio talks about his problems with WCW merchandising department. He had an idea of putting his mask on a t-shirt and selling it to his fan base. However, WCW refused to listen the idea. He then signed with the WWE and the t-shirt idea took off into a frenzy. I worked in the Educational system for years. And students in the Elementary and High School level respect Rey Mysterio's acrobatic wrestling moves. He should be a first ballot Hall of Famer in the wrestling industry.

  6. John William Pavlekovich

    Rey is washed up .Cant stand him/ 619 . Also hasn't he had his bouts with drugs too.

  7. Jeff Hart

    WWE adds to their contracts that they can extend a wrestlers contract if he misses time for an injury. Rey missed almost a year with his latest knee surgery so they extended him. If he cashes even 1 check from the extension. he will lose any action he is taking against the WWE…

  8. John Smith

    Watching grown men in spandex manhandle each other is something fags do. How can anyone even watch this crap?

  9. Joe Burgett

    You clearly have not been a fan long. Rey has had some excellent matches. In his WCW days, he was almost untouchable with what he could do then.

  10. Dennis Lopez

    I watched Rey fight in ECW, WCW, WWE; he was great in all three. Id like to see him in TNA before he retires. It might give me a reason to watch.

  11. Anonymous

    Kurt Angle said the same thing about WWE, They Make you perform even if you are hurt. That's the reason he gave for leaving.

  12. Anonymous

    You're survive by wheeling around an oxygen tank …you're proudly retired/disabled and you are calling someone else washed up!! LOL Too funny. "Ironic" and "Hypocrite". Look those two words up.

  13. John Loughry

    I would imagine Rey wants to retire while he can still walk. How many surgeries has he had on both knees now? It seems like he is back maybe a month or maybe two and he goes out again needing surgery.

  14. Anonymous

    Would love to see him in The TNA X division. He would be awesome to see in a Ultimate X match!!

  15. Keith Robinson

    Joe Burgett See, that's the thing. While H runs the Talent Department, Vince still has the final say in almost everything. The reason why we're constantly getting Cena as champion isn't because the people want him to be, it's because Vince wants him to be champion.

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