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Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested For Threatening Kids

Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested

The name of Trayvon Martin was allegedly used as a threat by a woman who felt her neighbor’s two young boy were acting too noisy.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC claimed the media company’s employees purposefully edited audio recordings to make Zimmerman sound like he was deliberately racially profiling Trayvon, but the judge decided to throw out the case, leaving Zimmerman homeless and broke without a chance of easily raising cash to pay off his many debts.

Now, police in Fayetteville, Arkansas say the woman, named Yelena Goforth-Buyalova, told two eight-year-old boys that they “should be treated like Trayvon Martin.” The woman had called 911 to complain that her neighbors were making a racket, throwing trash on the stairs in front of her apartment, and she wanted them to move out pronto with the help of the cops.

Instead, police officers say Goforth-Buyalova made the boys cry by yelling at them and making the threatening comment using the name of Trayvon. She even screamed at the dispatcher and said that the boys “did not deserve to live in the apartments and they should be in prison because they were black.” The cops responded to the situation by arresting her, and charged her with harassment and disorderly conduct. But Goforth-Buyalova claims the police made up the comments about Trayvon Martin in their report.

Trayvon Martin Celebrated

The name of the slain man is hardly a threat in the eyes of many people. In fact, some people have erected hoodie monuments in his honor, and recently some activists have claimed the civil rights fight is not over, and Trayvon Martin and African American men in general were betrayed by the George Zimmerman trial giving a verdict of not guilty. The fight has largely focused on the controversial Stand Your Ground laws, which some say were recently extended to allow felons to use a gun to defend themselves.

Just this week, the one year anniversary of the controversial Zimmerman verdict was celebrated by protests that cried, “What do we want? Justice!” Attendees included famous stars like Kobe Bryant, who met with Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin, and Sybrina Fulton in order to support the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Bryant also spoke a few words to the crowd:

“When you look at Sybrina and Tracy, what they had to go through as a family and what they’ve come out of – that is true adversity. Out responsibility is more than putting a ball in a basket, but giving them the platform to voice these inspirations.”

Do you think Trayvon Martin should be considered a civil rights icon?

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116 Responses to “Trayvon Martin Comment Gets Woman Arrested For Threatening Kids”

  1. Regina Taylor

    Yes he should. His civil right be able to peacefully walk to the store and arrive home safely was truly violated. He was not, I repeat, he was not commiting any sort of crime, when he wss unfairly, and unjustly, racially and criminally profiled, by someone without a skill set to do this.

  2. Jaime Carolyn Pretell-Samsey

    No, he shouldn't. There is no evidence he was ever targeted because of race.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah right! We should also make 'statues' of the hoodies of the KKK too while were doing this for Martin?
    WTF is the media asking a 'racist' question like this, to feed the 'empathy' cause in the media to make things worst then they already are? God said your born and then you die, only your actions make the reason of your death.

  4. Paul Sloan

    "Do you think Trayvon Martin should be considered a civil rights icon?" I don't know… I suppose if having a history of petty crime, abusing cough suppressant, and violent assault – the last of which resulting in your own death at the hands of one of your would-be victims qualifies a person, I suppose he should.

  5. Sam Black

    He wasn't shot for walking to the store he was shot because he was attacking someone!! Blacks just want blanket protecting to commit acts of violence. How many Zimmermans were killed that night by a Trayvon and it never even made the news. How may race crimes do blacks commit every year that are literally hidden by the media.

  6. Anonymous

    I totally agree! As a former Police Officer I think Zimmerman should have listened to the dispatcher and stayed away from Martin and let the officers check him out. But on the other hand TM obviously presented himself as a possible "Signal 13" (suspicious person) in his demeanor and was worth checking out. It's just too bad it all went south like it did. If I had been Zimmerman I might have … MIGHT HAVE … followed him but at a far distance to avoid confrontation. After all, Zimmerman had no idea WHAT he was doing or if was armed.

  7. Anonymous

    gtcoole, Martin left the area and returned 4 minutes later and attacked Zimmerman. Listen to the call made to the dispatcher, he remained on the line another couple minutes after he ran away..

  8. Anonymous

    Martin assaulted the wrong man that night, the race-baiting media made money by stirring up a racial fracas. I have read many pages of the evidence PDFs released by the prosecution and Martin ran away and returned to attack Zimmerman 4 minutes later. There was no crime until one of them put their hands on the other. From the injuries it is obvious who attacked whom.

  9. Anonymous

    he was nothing more than a gang-banger and is where he should be.let this crap die out he was just one in thousands that didnt understand you dont go to a gun fight expecting to be a boxer.

  10. Aaron Ripkowski

    Ppl are gettin arrested for sayin a name??? I guess the police dont have to work had to get an arrest that way. I'm pretty sure within a mile or two of there is someone committing a real crime. Parents why cant yall control ur kids. Its only after the police are called something will happen. But yet yall still try to blame someone else for ur kids actions. and we wonder y our kids grow up just to be locked. Parents are puzzies now!!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    "Trayvon Martin" the new lexicon of racial/violent protests and standoffs…. Please, tell me this is a joke…

  12. El Hajj

    White people will always find a way to blame someone else but there self . When white have murder more black people then anyone .for 100's of years .

  13. John Jones

    El Hajj ……..Whites are not killing as many blacks as other blacks are doing. However, most whites are not complaining. Blacks killing blacks simply decreases the welfare rolls and is also a method of population control. Now call me a racist and that will make my day.

  14. William Dohr

    El Hajj Could you learn to spell and use grammar the right way please. That way we can laugh at you..proper like.

  15. William Dohr

    Im glad hes dead. And someone should trayvon martin the president too.

  16. John Jones

    ….The problem is solved. Trayvon won't be attacking any more people and I don't believe Zimmerman will be shooting anyone else. Why don't blacks let it go and concern themselves with the killings in Detroit and Chicago. I think blacks don't really care about killings unless it can give them something to complain about and get them attention. A more phony bunch of people never existed.

  17. Anonymous

    I hope the F.B.I, and the C.I.A. are knocking at your door at this moment. You cannot threaten the president of the United States no matter what race he is idiot!

  18. Larry Cummings

    You attack me and bash my head on the cement and if I have a weapon and can reach it you're damn right I'm going to shoot you!

  19. David Burroughs

    I don't think you have ever been in a fight have you Paul. Where I grew up in Los Angeles, if a stranger got out of his car and chased you down in your own neighborhood, chances are you would get shot by one of the neighbors. On the street we have this thing called common sense and body language. If your body language suggests you are after me, you deserve to get beat down. Trayvon was the one defending himself how come the law does not apply to him?

  20. El Hajj

    Gregg Pierce But there one fact your punk ass hides behind a computer . because you don't have the ball to say it to a black mans face . White were the one who lived it caves check your history. and you will see who the real savages are .

  21. LuAnn Valentine

    You do not kill a human being based on their color or their past history. All those who are calling Trayvon a thug are doing so out of ignorance and the need to once again stereotype blacks as thugs and criminals. Many white kids also smoke weed, look at Colorado, and are convicted of petty crimes. Are they also likely to walk home from the store and be confronted by a man with a gun asking them why they are in that neighborhood? No I don't think so. So for all of you making comments as if that is relevant you need to sit back and look at your reasons for saying such obviously stupid remarks.

  22. Juan Robledo

    William Dohr, you are a complete moron and sorry excuse for human life. I am sure you are being monitored very carefully. Have fun with that pal.

  23. El Hajj

    John Jones Well Mr dumb ass both of your fact are wrong white commit more crime then anyone in the USA This come from the FBI Files. just because fox news reports it does not make it a fact . Another fact there are more whites on welfare the blacks . 3 to 1 this a fact .

  24. Makalani Dingane

    Apparently — Black teenagers like Trayvon going through their teenage rebellions years — doing things that many rebellious teenagers do — are incorrigible criminals whose cold-blooded murders by some white gunnuts are totally justified. Of course he should be an icon and not demonized!

  25. LuAnn Valentine

    You have no idea who he was. So what if he had a petty record and did not attend school. Trayvon is a civil rights icon because he was targeted and killed for no other reason than his race. He was committing no crime. He was approached by a strange man with a gun and defended himself. Any of you would have done the same thing. If the roles had been reversed and it was a black man with the gun he would have been arrested and tried in a NY minute and you know it.

  26. El Hajj

    Will Conyers There you dumb ass white people go again . Making a statement but have no fact to back it up 6 o'clock does not make it a fact . because white commit more crimes the black FBI file there where you get fact .white cops are not included they are criminals too .

  27. Mancave Heywood

    Yet the black panther coons can sit on a street corner and say that all white people and babies should be murdered and nothing happens, some nice racial double standard! Besides I have used that myself, I think there are millions of black youth out there that should be "tray thuged"!!

  28. Johnny Crapshoot

    El Hajj check out my yahoo comment section. i have been saying that for about two years. whites find an excuse and blast the blacks for no reason. i also agree with john jones but as you know we werent born with a silver spoon in our mouth either. blacks need parental guidance from day one but starting off with one from the day we are born and moving to none by the time we are ten makes an excuse for us. i have two kids and they have both parents like i did until i was 13 years old. my father whooped my ash.

  29. Mancave Heywood

    El Hajj WTF, yet who is always crying about wanting reparations for something that happened over two hundred years ago. Why don't you take a trip to africa moron, I'm sure you could find work in a diamond mine there!

  30. El Hajj

    William Dohr There one thing we know for sure the only thing that comes from Texas is steers and And Fagots and you seem to be one of those fagots

  31. Steve Steve

    Should he be remembered as a civil rights icon? Hello no he should not, civil rights were the last thing on his mind, he was nothing more than a neighborhood thug.

  32. Mark Mills

    I CANT WAIT TIL BLACKS START TO STAND THEIR GROUND AND PUSH BACK! had it been my kids she spoke to like that id have beat her ass back to what ever euro trash shit hole she came here from

  33. Frantzi Civil

    the real thing is they need to stop calling black african american it is an insult to the black race it make our kids act out of ingnorance trayvon did not deserve to die like that and they have him on trial instead of zimmerman no one seem to understand not a nation in this worl have a continent in front to identify them but they have a continent if front of trayvon to identify him as african to find him guilty after his death. i hope sabrina and tracy have strenght and courage

  34. Anonymous

    NEGROES don't know how to raise law abiding and respectful children .

  35. Frantzi Civil

    John Jones i actually will quote you on that more white and mexican are on welfare than black not because you state an opinion doesn't make you a racist

  36. John F Chrapa

    LuAnn Valentine ,are you serious ??? He was shot because HE ATTACKED Zimmerman !!!!! George Zimmerman did nothing but protect himself ! All you FKN black retards see nothing but a black kid that got killed ! None of you ignorant morons know ANYTHING about the case. Martin hid in the bushes waiting for Zimmerman ! THAT is premeditated ! We need more people like George Zimmerman to take care of these black punk criminals !

  37. Anonymous

    gtcoole The point you are a FORMER " police man " . How was Zimmerman know where this black trash went to , in the darkness of night if he didn't follow him ? WARPED

  38. John F Chrapa

    warrenjw12 ,where's the threat? Trayvon Martin is a name NOT an VERB ! You ignorant ,uneducated black trash !

  39. Anonymous

    Smoke another rock , he attacked Zimerman , most NEGROES attack whites in groups of savages , DETROIT ?

  40. Frantzi Civil

    gtcoole if you take a gun to a fight you have the intent to use it by any mean necessary zimmerman go after trayvon with intent to shoot him since he know so much about law enforcement he beleive he can get away with it and he did exactly that

  41. Darren Graham

    Judging a group based on a few is why hate still lives today. Move on. You''l be glad you did.

  42. Darren Graham

    John F Chrapa Or Trayvon Martin was used as an adverb? LOL at you.

  43. John F Chrapa

    The cops that arrested this woman should be investigated for corruption and pure negligence !

  44. Anonymous

    LuAnn Valentine Keep playing the " victim " game sister . NEGROES are attacking whites ALL over the USA . You must live in the projects .

  45. David Burroughs

    Amazing most of the negative comments here suggest that Trayvon deserved to die because of what he would have turned into. He is automatically not given the benefit of the doubt so you guys justify his death.

    While it may be illegal to take the first swing during a confrontation, I can tell you as a white guy on several occasions if I had waited for the agressor to hit me, I would have lost the fight.

    The situation didn't start when Trayvon struck George, it started when George made a situation out of a non-situation. George could have simply rolled down his window and asked if tTayvon needed help, instead he called 911 and automatically put him in the category of a suspect. In other words, instead of stopping a potential robbery (In Georges mind) by showing you are watching, you wait to try and catch someone in the act of robbery (again in Georges mind).

    Then we you decide to chase, your body language suggests you may be a robber or out to shoot me. And not wearing a uniform makes it worse because now you are not a cop or security guard giving chase, you are just a stranger. And in all honesty, who the fuck are you to suspect me of anything? I would sock your ass to if I had the chance because chasing me already suggest you are after me. In some areas near where I grew up, the wrong look can get you your ass beat. Let alone actually chasing someone on foot.

    Finally, if George did not have a gun he would have been able to actually fight instead of worrying about a gun being taken away from him. No I don't think Trayvon is a civil rights leader but the moment is definitely one that will be remembered in Civil Rights history. Whatever you want to argue, we all know if Trayvon was white, George would have never suspected him of anything.

  46. Nathan D Smith

    gtcoole absolutely correct!! Even the people that defend Zimmerman now they would have done exactly what you said. Called the police and let them handle it. Period. Both guys would be living life. Or hell, lets take it a step forward since people say Trayvon was a thug in training. Maybe Trayvon would actually robbed a house 3 years later and went to jail. Who knows. Zimmerman never should have gotten out of his car, armed or not. This would have never happened.

  47. Damon Hunkins

    Per the Department of Commerce, 38.9% of welfare recipients are white, 39.8% are black. Blacks only make up 12.6% of the population. Over 31% of blacks in the US receive welfare compared to 15% of whites. As far as jail/prison, the total population might be more whites but one out of every 11 black men in the US are incarcerated compared to one out of every 45 whites.

  48. Richard Stillman

    David, what case are you talking about? We know from the trial testimony that Zimmerman did not 'chase down' Martin. Martin lost Zimmerman almost immediately and made it safely home with Zimmerman nowhere in sight. We know this, because the prosecutions star witness testified to it.
    GIRLFRIEND: …He said, this man is still watching from a car. So he about to run from the back. I told him, go to his dad’s house. Run to his dad’s house.

    GIRLFRIEND: Yeah. So he said he was about to run from the back, so the next that I hear, he just run. I can hear that the wind blowing.
    PROSECUTOR: So you could tell he was running at that time? OK. And then what happened?
    GIRLFRIEND: Then he said, he lost him.

    GIRLFRIEND: So he lost him. He was breathing hard. And by the sound of his voice, his voice kind of changed.

    GIRLFRIEND: He said he had lost him and he was breathing hard and I told him ‘Keep running.’
    PROSECUTOR: So Trayvon said he started walking because he thought he had lost the guy?
    GIRLFRIEND: I said, ‘Keep running.’ He said he ain’t gonna run. ‘Cause he said he is right by his father’s house.
    Martin THEN re-crossed the neighborhood to commit assault and battery and got shot committing that crime. Why do you Trayvon clingers want to pretend there was no trial? Before the trial, you were all shrieking, "ALL WE WANT IS A TRIAL!!!!"

  49. Richard Stillman

    Nathan, getting out of one's car is not illegal. Following a suspicious person is not illegal. Ignoring a 911 operator is not illegal. Nothing Zimmerman did was illegal. We know from the trial testimony that Martin lost Zimmerman and made it safely home. He then re-crossed the neighborhood in search of Zimmerman. That was also not illegal.
    So, who bears the most responsibility for Martin being dead? Zimmerman for getting out of his car? Or Martin for re-crossing the neighborhood to confront Zimmerman? I've got to hand this one to Martin. Walk in the door and stay alive.

  50. Richard Stillman

    Regina, assault and battery is a crime. Martin did make it home safely and Zimmerman was nowhere in sight. We know this from Rachel Jeantel's testimony. Martin should have stayed home. Instead he re-crossed the neighborhood to confront Zimmerman, and he was shot while committing a crime, assault and battery.

  51. John Howard

    This is Obamas America—you can't say anything nasty to or about black people even if they are criminals.
    2 1/2 more years

  52. Jane Smith

    Oh Paul Sloan you mean the N word that what you really want to say? I love you bigots ! You'll never change ! Your hero ,a fat weak man who beats up women and old men .What i really love is the fact you're so stupid you put your real name and faces on post! So you guys go ahead and burn your crosses while you can.One day you're going to be the minority in this country .I wonder what mostly minority juries will say about the murderers of your kids?

  53. Patty Bell

    I sure hope none of you have public jobs where your managers and coworkers could look you up and read about your anger and hate. Good grief, Trayvon Martin case just shows that there is an 'open season' on black men and that black men who choose to live lives as Trayvon lived his place themselves in a 'a firing line'. We all had better learn that what goes around comes around. Ask George and OJ! As for welfare, more colored people on the rolls, but the majority of the funds go to white people. It is what it is, As for black folks, the 'rules' of society says assimilation of European thought makes life a lot easier to live in the USA. That is what it is!

  54. Mickey Garlock

    Icon? He was kicked out of school for smoking weed (a felony on school grounds) He was caught with a bag of jewelry and tools in his locker.

    He was a criminal.

  55. James Darling Jr

    Damon Hunkins It is definitely a fact a fact that I use and they deflect any kind of response. Once you debunk them with that, it threatens the strength of their overused talking point. It also challenges their egos!! The Republican controlled South is some of their biggest culprits.

  56. Erik Monroe

    Actually, 84% of Whites murder other Whites; 92% of Blacks are murdered by other Blacks. As for "welfare rolls", you have to specifically define "welfare." Welfare is an entitlement: Under Obama, all entitlement claims have skyrocketed: disability claims, Medicaid as well as Food stamp claims….the majority of which are disability….63% of which have been claimed by Whites.

  57. Nathan D Smith

    My question is why do George Zimmerman defenders view Trayvon Martin as a violent person and killer? Was that apart of his history or something? He wasn't the one with the weapon. Started a fight possible, Yes. George was the one that took a gun to the possible confrontation I don't get it.

  58. Courtney Carden

    cause they went into his past, pulled up his online postings, he got into a fight, he had been suspended for smoking weed. all things that george zimmerman didn't know on the night he followed and killed this child

  59. Joe Garza

    I fully agree, Zimmerman is the one that should have been prosecuted and sentenced to life without parole

  60. Anonymous

    may you be killed as trayvon martin was killed , there is no way for you to escape tragic death.. just like trayvon ….you shall die by gun

  61. James Darling Jr

    haskinsd You paid no attention to the trial or statements presented. That did not happen at all. No need to lie. It's enough that you believe that fat pigs lie!!

  62. Anonymous

    John F Chrapa…. you fuckin wanker, you shall die by gun…. no escape

  63. Anonymous

    John F Chrapa, you should go and get a life dude…….. fuckin ugly wanker

  64. Ron Thomas

    The comments on here about TM and black people in general are exactly the "reason" and "proof" of racial profiling and prejudice that "still" exists in this country. While I don't believe that GZ had it in his mind to track down and kill, it is very clear that he was "over-zealous", "irresponsible", and should have been held accountable in the death of TM. GZ lied about how the events transpired that night. He had a gun and two flashlights, and clearly wanted to end what he thought was another thief in his neighborhood, probably by trying to make a citizens arrest, when he echoed the sentiment, "these a–holes always get away". The evidence is clear, that TM ran from GZ and GZ pursued him, "armed". GZ "says" that TM approached him, but there is no evidence that suggests that, besides GZ's own account, which I don't trust, since he lied to the police when they asked him why he was following TM and he replied by saying he wasn't, until they told him they had his own confession on the 911 call that he was, in fact, following TM. This guy had two flashlights, and that is consistent with someone who is "searching". Rachel testified that after TM ran, the call went dead, and she called him back; when he answered, she said he was speaking in a "whisper", so as not to be detected, and said, "I think I lost him". Yes, TM was in hiding and this is consistent with GZ's account and Rachel's testimony, but what we don't have is who approached who first! If TM told Rachel, "I think I lost him", and GZ had flashlights, I'm betting that it was GZ who found what he was looking for and TM had no choice but to defend himself from a man who followed him in his car, gave chase on foot, and found him when he was hiding from him! You do the math!!!

  65. Anonymous

    John F Chrapa lmaooo …you ain't even white or black… your something else. lmaoooo go and kill yourself before you kill by gun

  66. Anonymous

    your name wack dude… you should go and kill yourself ,,, your a disgrace to human race ……may you fuckin rot in hell

  67. Nathan D Smith

    Oh okay. Thanks Court. Well, there are thugs of all colors around the country that does what he was suspended for in high school then. I assume George Zimmerman had a clean record then Courtney? I went off of what happened that night. Not what happened before. Has Zimmerman carried a gun and got in trouble with it before the incident like he did after the trial?

  68. James Darling Jr

    John F Chrapa You have a big mouth and a big ego. "FKN black retards, Morons?" Is that what you really think of black people? Are you that arrogant? I paid attention to everything! You worship that fat lying pig! Just because of your indifference to Blacks. He lied about not knowing the name of the street, although it's his neighborhood. That's the bullsh** reason he gave for getting out of the car. He lied about how he was confronted. His injuries were minor and he exaggerated about it. He refused further treatment as well. I have more that will take up too much of my time. If! There is a civil suit filed he will have to testify and then! His lies will be exposed. You are the moron! You hero worship a fat, lying, murdering pig! P.S. The article says he's broke and homeless. Why don't you help your boy out? Or better yet, buy his bullsh** art!
    Also, the bushes were too low for him to hide and not be seen. The defense dropped that later after the "pictures" showed otherwise.

  69. John F Chrapa

    Nathan D Smith , what was in any way wrong with what she said? There was absolutely no threat !!!! The police were 100% wrong to use their own bias judgment and assume she was threatening them !!!! Since when does using a persons name in a sentence constitute a threat ? Only you idiot blacks would think that ! Just like you think Trayvon Martin didn't do anything wrong !!!!

  70. John F Chrapa

    Frantzi Civil ,please just shut the fuck up. You have are speaking in complete BULLSHIT ! Zimmerman only used the gun because he was being attacked by Trayvon Martin and Martin YELLED AT HIM that he was going to kill him ! You fucking blacks are so racist and close minded it's [pathetic ! ALL YOU SEE IS COLOR !!!!! You don't see the facts at all ! Martin was the attacker NOT Zimmerman !!!! You ignorant moron !

  71. Courtney Carden

    Nathan D Smith George has been in trouble with the law before but his dad was able to get him out of it, had an issue with an ex girlfriend, hit a cop, got into it at a bar. After the trial he pulled a gun on his wife, and got into trouble for attacking a pregnant girlfriend.

  72. John F Chrapa

    adeyemodele ,shut the fuck up you piece of shit nappy headed ,ignorant fuck ! Go rob another liquor store or go sell some more crack you lazy black asshole !

  73. Ron Thomas

    Damon Hunkins 1 out of every 45 does not mean that there aren't more white criminals out there, they just haven't been caught yet or maybe they have and get let go; and what about all these black inmates who are being released because they didn't commit the crime they were accused of? Never go on numbers alone, the system is clearly bias.

  74. Nathan D Smith

    I asked you what she more than right and okay to say that to these kids John? It's a very simple question. If you want to use semantics about her comments no it wasn't a direct threat. Harassment definitely though for sure. I assume she will be filing charges for false arrest. However, I would think she knew she stretched the boundaries with the kids here. Unless there are some type of proof these kids are thugs too of course. Do you think this is the right thing to say to kids that are doing things that kids do John?

  75. James Darling Jr

    "Thug" is the new "N" word buddy. And what makes him one? The real thug had a gun and used it and lied his way out if a conviction and he has a police record. End of sentence my a@@!! And if he was dressed up in Goth clothing and white there would be no discussion!

  76. Nathan D Smith

    Hey John. How did this situation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin start? Who started it? And who do you think was the proximate cause of where both of these guys ended up and tell me why in your opinion?

  77. John F Chrapa

    James Darling Jr ,actually I hate you people even more than post suggests ! You are lying,stealing,raping animals that have no business at all having rights in this country !

  78. Courtney Carden

    Nathan D Smith yes he claimed he didn't know the guy was a cop at the time you can google it, there are a lot of articles on it. I doubt they will let me post a link to another website on here

  79. James Darling Jr

    John Jones That's Detroit and Chicago's problem not the entire black community.Those of us sit on the sidelines can only pray for peace and do what we can. Law enforcement has to do more. Are your community doing anything about the mass shootings that are mostly young white men doing the shootings?

  80. Ron Thomas

    John Jones yes you are "very" racist with all of the comments you have been posting. But I ain't mad at'cha; you are entitled to your own personal opinion about who or whatever.

  81. James Darling Jr

    John F Chrapa I already knew what your feelings are. You are a cowardly White Supremacist! You're nothing but a wimp and a bum. You don't even have the courage to admit I called you out on your lies. It's okay for you to hate me. I'm better than your sorry, slacking, 2 inch living, leeching, bigoted a@@ will ever be. You're no threat to me at all. You! Fear me.

  82. William Spurgeon

    and good for him. TM got exactly what he deserved.

  83. Anonymous

    John F Chrapa Why do you have such evil hate in your heart ? Why do you Hate Black people so much ? Did something awful happen to you as a Child. Interesting how you believe the word of a child sex molester .

    George Zimmerman is a Child MURDERER and if the things he has done has not proved this to you then what he does soon will

  84. Donna Maurillo

    Should he be a civil rights icon? Not really. Should Zimmerman be free? Not at all. Here's what I don't get. He said his gun was holstered in his belt in the small of his back. He said Trayvon was on top of him, beating the back of his head into the ground. He said that Trayvon then saw the gun and tried to grab it, so Zimmerman had no choice but to draw and shoot. How on Earth could Trayvon have seen the gun in Zimmerman's belt if Zimmerman was on his back and Trayvon was on top of him? The kid would need x-ray vision. Every cop I know has told me that it was likely that Zimmerman had the gun drawn first and then Trayvon hit him.

    I even read news stories that said Trayvon was a drug user who was strung out. But when I read the autopsy report, it said no such thing. It said he had a small "trace" of THC, but that's all. A "trace" could come from smoking a few days earlier, or it could come from being in contact with some one who was smoking. There was nothing else to indicate the drug use that so many accuse him of.

    Zimmerman was no angel himself, if you want to compare backgrounds. He had a history of violence, and even his girlfriend had a protection order against him.

  85. Donna Maurillo

    haskinsd I believe Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because the gun was already drawn. There is no way on Earth that Zimmerman could have pulled the gun from his back waistband if Trayvon was on top of him beating the back of his head into the ground. The gun was drawn first!

  86. Donna Maurillo

    Nathan D Smith .. because John thinks that anyone who defends a black person must be black himself. God forbid that white people should recognize injustice.

  87. Donna Maurillo

    mancave Heywood — No, that's not what is being said here. But don't let facts get in the way of a good dose of racial prejudice. The Panthers are wrong, and Zimmerman was wrong. What else do you have to offer?

  88. Donna Maurillo

    Well, now… I know a lot of kids who smoke weed on the school grounds. Are they all hardened criminals? You should see the wealthy neigborhoods that some of them come from.

  89. Larry Cummings

    Donna Maurillo Donna, Zimmerman must have fallen backwards of his own accord to get the gashes in back of his head, right? You liberal bigots just don't get it.

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