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George Zimmerman Guilty? Trayvon Martin Was Racially Profiled, Claims Former Friend

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman is guilty of racially profiling Trayvon Martin, according to a former friend of Zimmerman.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the so-called Trayvon Martin gun control laws have been losing to the expansion of the Stand Your Ground laws. Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin and mother Sybrina Fulton have also been traveling around giving speeches about gun control and in a recent speech Mr. Martin claimed Trayvon was a civil rights icon comparable to Emmett Till.

Frank Taaffe is a man once considered a friend of George Zimmerman. For example, in May of 2012 he even defended Zimmerman’s actions as a neighborhood watch volunteer:

“That George Zimmerman in a position in a volunteer role wanted to ensure the safety of the community he lived in and he became the victim.”

But now Taaffe says he has had a change of heart, and that he believes the jury should have found George Zimmerman guilty:

“What I know of George and his tendencies and also my opinion is that he racially profiled Trayvon Martin that night because if that had been a white kid on a cell phone, walking through our neighborhood, he wouldn’t have stayed on him the way he did and that’s a fact and I believe that in my heart. I can only ask for the country to forgive me and today I believe that he racially profiled him based on the color of his skin.”

When asked if he had anything to gain by making this sudden claim, Taffe said he was not working on a book or a TV show. Instead, Taffe says, “I’m just working on me right now and getting right with God.”

The reason Taaffe suddenly changed his mind was because of the deaths of his two sons over the last two years in addition to his brother passing away last month. He now has a message for Trayvon Martin’s parents:

“I’m sorry that you lost your son, I know what that’s like and I wish things had been different.”

What do you think about a former friend of George Zimmerman now saying he’s guilty?

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7 Responses to “George Zimmerman Guilty? Trayvon Martin Was Racially Profiled, Claims Former Friend”

  1. Richard Stillman

    "What do you think about a former friend of George Zimmerman now saying he’s guilty?"
    First, I'd point out that this guy (whoever he is) didn't say Zimmerman was guilty. What this guy said was Zimmerman 'racially profiled' Martin. Since racial profiling isn't a crime, and since Zimmerman was charged with murder not racial profiling, I'd have to say you wrote a completely misleading headline to an article that has nothing to do with anything important.
    Second, if you're just incompetent and left out something about this guy saying Zimmerman was guilty, I'd have to say "so what?" Lots of idiots have decided Zimmerman was guilty based on their emotions and in spite of an overwhelming stack of evidence proving otherwise.
    Now, it's my turn. With respect to the Zimmerman trial, do you prefer lard or shortening in a pie crust?

  2. Willie Guillermo

    He should have told the truth during the trial. He wanted to make things right because of the death in his family. He's admitting he had lied for George Zimmerman, it's way too late to bring it up now.

  3. Richard Stillman

    ROFL! He didn't testify at the trial, so the jurors don't even know who he is. You should try to figure out how things work. Or refrain from ignorant posts.

  4. Matt Parks

    He said Zimmerman profiled. It's not against the law to profile anyone. Black teens matching Trayvon's description were committing crimes in the neighborhood. Zimmerman saw a person who matched the description acting out of place so he watched him. It is not against the law to watch anybody, follow anybody or ask questions. A 911 operator is not a cop and cannot give you orders. If you wouldn't do the same that George Zimemrman did that night then I feel bad for your neighbors and the ghetto you must live in. There was no law broke that night until Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman . George Zimemrman acted within the law. Whether Frank Taaffe said he was profiling, It doesn't make a difference in the outcome nor would it have made a difference. Everybody profiles to some degree and if you deny you do then I'll be the first person to tell you how full of "it" you are.

  5. Dexter Buchanan

    Matt Parks Let me tell you something. I have been follow before, it is one of the most scariest things ever! When I was walking home, this guy was definitely following me and he would not identify himself. So automatic you go into defensive mode. My first concern was to not let this guy know where I lived and all of this happen during the day not at night!!

  6. David Fulwood

    Ok Mr Parks so you might feel the same way if someone was following you daughter one night. Then she is approached and then get killed. God forbid if that do not happened, but if it does I want you to come back to us and tell us that the person who did this was right for what he did. Or maybe follow you one night and tell me that it is ok that stranger is follow me. It is ok that he approached me and I don't know who he is. Then it will be a different story you clown.

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