Dallas Cowboys Rumor: Coach Jason Garrett May Already Be On The Hot Seat

Dallas Cowboys Rumor: Coach Jason Garrett May Already Be On The Hot Seat

The Dallas Cowboys are hoping to have a relatively quiet offseason, but as the team steers clear of big-name free agents or splashy draft picks, rumors are growing that there could be some big changes on the horizon.

For several weeks, the team has been at work putting in a new offense under offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, one that will take a pass-first focus. But, while the team has been working diligently to improve on last season’s 8-8 finish, there are rumblings that coach Jason Garrett could already be on the hot seat.

There is already some tension within the Dallas Cowboys team. There is uncertainty whether backup quarterback Kyle Orton will remain with the team, especially given the offseason acquisition of former Cleveland Browns starter Brandon Weeden. Some are speculating that Orton may be looking for the team to cut him loose so he can try for a starting position elsewhere.

The Dallas Cowboys already gave a vote of confidence to starter Tony Romo, opting not to draft Johnny Manziel earlier this month despite reports that the team — and owner Jerry Jones in particular — were enamored with the Texas A&M product.

With the quarterback position set and several players returning from injuries, the pressure seems to be growing on Jason Garrett. In an interview with the SiriusXM Radio show Schein on Sports, Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said the expectation for Garrett is to win the NFC East.

Jones also implied that with a now-healthy team, this is the year for Garrett and the team to perform and break a streak of three consecutive seasons at 8-8.

“Sitting here last year, if you told me that you were going to have DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, (Jay) Ratliff and Tyrone Crawford for the full year, we would be sitting here today having a different conversation,” Jones said. “But we didn’t have any of those guys healthy. Any of those guys. We have replaced them with young, healthy guys who will make a huge difference for us — and (this is) much better than having nothing.”

Jones said the addition of Linehan will take some pressure off Garrett, adding that the Dallas Cowboys head coach is “inching closer” to greatness. But with the team’s strong roster and health, some experts think he could be inching closer to the unemployment line if the team fails to make the playoffs this year.