10 Facts About Albert Einstein That You Gotta Know

You think you know somebody…

Heard Albert Einstein wasn’t good at math? Married his cousin? Find out some interesting tidbits and add to your cocktail party knowledge.

1. Albert Einstein did not fail math. Many people have blamed their bad math skills on Einstein with quips like, “Well, Einstein flunked math!” He didn’t. He wasn’t a bad student. He knew college physics before the age of 11 and mastered languages like Latin and Greek. Oh, and he was a calculus whiz before the age of 15. So, yeah, that excuse is out the window.

2. Einstein really did marry his cousin. For a man with such a high IQ, Einstein did make some strange decisions. He married his own cousin, Elsa Einstein, in 1919. According to, they were romantically involved, even in Einstein’s first marriage to Mileva Maric, the only female physics major at Polytechnic, where Einstein attended college. (Mileva and Einstein, left. Elsa and Einstein, right.)

einstein and mileva