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Jeff Gordon Gay: Hoax Claims NASCAR Driver In Relationship With Stephen Rhodes

Jeff Gordon Gay: Hoax Claims NASCAR Racer In Relationship With Stephen Rhodes

Jeff Gordon is gay and now in a relationship with openly gay NASCAR driver Stephen Rhodes, a viral hoax claims.

The story of the popular NASCAR driver’s reported coming out spread across the internet early this week thanks to a news story from a site called Empire Sports. The story claimed that Jeff Gordon had come out as gay, following in the footsteps of NBA player Jason Collins and soon-to-be NFL player Michael Sam.

The story claimed:

As if the sports world didn’t have enough people coming out of the closet. A highly respected member of the NASCAR community has come out and admitted he is in a relationship with a fellow openly gay NASCAR member. Jeff Gordon who is going through a divorce said that he is now dating openly gay driver Stephen Rhodes. Gordon joins a list of male athletes who are new to the openly gay sports world.

The story went on to claim that many NASCAR fans were aghast at learning the Jeff Gordon was gay.

“There ain’t no room for that queer crap in NASCAR. This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing,” the story quoted Billy-Bob Benson, a former Jeff Gordon fan. “These queers need to go back and pray that god forgives them for the choice they made. If they wanna be gay go be a fashion designer and not ruin the greatest sport in the world!”

The problem is that the story is an outright hoax. The site Empire Sports is openly satirical, with a bend toward stories about gay athletes. Other headlines on the site read “Tom Brady Gets Caught with Naked Pictures of Himself” and “Tony Romo And Jason Witten Admit To Homosexual Romance.”

There is at least a kernel of truth to the Jeff Gordon gay story, however. Stephen Rhodes is indeed an openly gay driver, a first for NASCAR,

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25 Responses to “Jeff Gordon Gay: Hoax Claims NASCAR Driver In Relationship With Stephen Rhodes”

  1. Joyce McCraw

    I don`t believe that about Jeff Gordon ,He is a family man and that statement hurts his family, They said it was an outright hoax and that's what I believe.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope Mr. Gordon sues these idiots for every penny they have.

  3. Lynnda Oliveira

    so sad that people have to make up gossip to get attention or sell their stories.

  4. Frances Sank

    Jeff Gordon is happily married and a great father and husband and human being. These rumors huryt EVERYONE ! Jeff should sue for slander, but he won't , because he has too much class !

  5. Randy Poff

    Hey Gary change your name to Gay Lester just take out the r.

  6. Anonymous

    its on the internet so it must be true………………what a bunch of morons!

  7. Ed Ryder

    Jeff Gordon Gay? I don't think so. But seeing how we are on the subject. Have you ever seen a woman with or around Tony Stewart. Because I have not. Just makes you wonder.

  8. Lori Morgan

    First and foremost it is a bold lie….Second it's his life, whether he is or isn't, isn't for us to judge. This crap with keeping 'gay' issues in an uproarious front row needs to stop. Who cares??? The final judgment day will be the decisive factor. And in the final days of life this will affect us how? For that matter how does if affect us now? There are so many more serious issues that we should concern our daily thoughts with ….like child abuse…the hungry in our country…the homeless…domestic violence….the welfare of our military………….Just sayin'

  9. Cary Chauvet

    Very funny! If Jeff is any kind of a real man he will laugh this off for what it is, a joke. And what would it matter anyway if he were gay? Would that make him any less of a great driver? Answer: No

  10. Cary Chauvet

    Get a grip lady – it's a joke for Godsakes! You sound incredibly homophobic.

  11. Cary Chauvet

    Wonder about what? That you have bad eyesight or that you are homophobic? Yeah, I'd wonder more about that.

  12. Cary Chauvet

    Well he can't sue because it isn't slander it is satirical and the site clearly spells that out. And what would it matter if he were gay? Get off your high horse.

  13. Bill Doolin

    Need to look into the lead man in this story(#48) it will take some doing but I think the truth will come ouy.

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