Maria Menounos Has A Reality TV Show, But What About WWE WrestleMania 30?

Maria Menounos’ WWE Divas career has been an on and off again affair, but will her new reality TV show be “chasing Maria” over to WrestleMania 30?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Maria Menounos returned to the WWE to face off against the Divas for the 2013 Summerslam.

Currently, Maria has been busy hyping her new show on the Oxygen network:

“Chasing Maria Menounos is an emotional, comedic journey that will introduce viewers to a modern young woman who is at a crossroad in her life and trying to decide what’s next.”

According to a representative, it will focus on not only Maria but her parents, who are described as “two villagers from Greece who had no running water, they didn’t have shoes to go to school with and now they’re going to be famous on TV.” Interestingly enough, Maria still lives with her parents alongside her boyfriend of 15 years, Kevin Undergaro. It’s said they don’t have any plans on moving out, marrying, or having children. Yeah, I can see why Maria’s parents are part of Chasing Maria Menounos.

But WWE fans probably just want to know Maria Menounos’ WrestleMania 30 plans. When she inducted her boyfriend Bob Backlund into the WWE Hall of Fame as a celebrity fans were not so happy with that idea:

“It’s understandable as we are not pro wrestlers and the honesty of the WWEfans is what makes it fun. However, I did the speech mainly to tell the world all the amazing things about Bob and I fear some of those things were not heard.”

Still, there’s a good chance she will at least be in attendance since she was there for the launch of the WWE Network:

So nothing official has been said but if you’re interested in her reality TV show you should check out her podcast interview on Talk Is Jericho. Would you like see to see the WWE “chase” Maria Menounos into the ring for WrestleMania 30?