Doc Brown, Tony Hawk, And Terrell Owens Show Off Hoverboards (Or Not) [VIDEO]

Doc Brown, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Billy Zane, and other stars are showing off hoverboards…and the video is going viral on the internet.

The video was first introduced on the company website, HUVr. Supposedly, they are a team of physics graduates from the Minnesota Institute of Technology (MIT), who have discovered how anti-gravity works. The bigger task was keeping it a secret from the world, until now. Anyways, the company feels that anti-gravity is best used in hoverboards. They even get famous people like Tony Hawk and football player Terrell Owens to try them out. It gets even more interesting when Moby, Christopher Lloyd, and Billy Zane appear in the video too.

From the look of the video and the design of the website, it is evident this campaign is fake, right? Well, if it is fake, why would famous people like Tony Hawk and Terrell Owens be promoting it through a video? Also, the website says that Mark Cuban is backing up the project. So what is going on? A lot of websites have reported this is probably a troll campaign. However, Tech Crunch came up with some interesting insights. Christopher Lloyd is known for playing Doc Brown in the Back to the Future Trilogy. Having him in the promotion would be tantamount, and even relative, to the hoverboard. An interesting revelation comes with Billy Zane. His first movie role was playing Match, one of the bullies who hung out with Biff in the same trilogy. Now Match is not as well-known to the trilogy like Doc Brown or Marty McFly, but the fact that two actors who were in the first film in that trilogy being in a video for hoverboards seems to come off as promotion for something associated with it.

This is even more evident with the website and the design of the hoverboard itself. On the website, there is a timer on top in which there are two dates. The first says “present”, which now reads March 2014. The second say “destination” which reads December 2014. First, if this video is a fake promotion or troll of some kind, it would be quite a long time to keep up the charade if the destination is December 2014. Second, the presentation of the numbers are in LED, which is similar to how the time controls in the DeLorean, the model of the car used to make the time machine in the trilogy. Also, the design of the hoverboard just looks like the hoverboard introduced in Back to the Future: Part II

Whatever this video is, we may have to wait for December 2014 to find out. IGN believes it could possibly be a promotion for Back to the Future: Part IV. Or maybe it is a brand new ride at Universal Studios based off of hoverboards. Or maybe hoverboards are real and we can finally buy them in December. If the last possibility is correct, it would definitely go great with the mass-production of MAGs, the same ones worn by Marty McFly, that was previous reported by The Inquisitr.