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Google News Undergoing Secret Experiments


Google News may be getting a makeover.

The Google News Blog mysteriously mentions a series of “experiments” being run on the service over the few weeks. Even more intriguing: Only randomly selected users will even see the tests.

“We’ll be running some experiments on the look and feel of our site, based on an accumulation of user research and feedback, as well as the evolving state of online journalism,” the blog explains.

“They’ll only be visible to a small number of random Google News readers. (In case you’re wondering, experiments are selected randomly, so we can’t give you any advice for how to get in!)”

The blog goes on to point out that Google often conducts these kind of random user experiments with its various services.

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One Response to “Google News Undergoing Secret Experiments”

  1. Joe

    That's an interesting strategy–instead of testing a site or feature in a controlled test environment, Google is running test with live users on its live site. If the sample is small, then the only harm I can think of is tipping your hand to competitors. If the tests are unsuccessful, one risk is pissing off your users with a feature they don't like or didn't work properly but with a small sample this is probably a minimal risk.

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