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Oklahoma City Thunder Want Caron Butler, Rumors Say They Are Frontrunners

The Oklahoma City Thunder want Caron Butler and according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, they may be the frontrunners. Caron Butler rumors have been filling up NBA news, especially with his buyout being made official on Thursday.

While the Miami Heat had been discussed as a potential location for either Danny Granger or Caron Butler, it seems that the Oklahoma City Thunder have thrown themselves into the mix. It looks as if the Miami Heat may be staying put, taking their chances on Deandre Liggins and the masked man, Lebron James. Danny Granger rumors are getting stronger that he will end up as a stretch forward on the Los Angeles Clippers.

Oklahoma City is trying to decide whether they should go small or big after starting center Kendrick Perkins went down with a groin injury. Some early rumors involved the Thunder being interested in Jimmer Fredette, but those have all but vanished after Perkins’ injury. In the midst of a three game losing streak, including a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, the Thunder are looking for answers. Russell Westbrook has struggled to find chemistry with the team since returning from his injury.

Why would Oklahoma City be interested in signing a mid-sized forward like Caron Butler? One of the potential lineups that has been suggested is moving Kevin Durant to the power forward position and inserting in a platoon of shooting forwards at the three position. If the Oklahoma City Thunder add Caron Butler, rumors are that they will use him in that three spot. It would probably be a temporary move by the Thunder until Perkins returns just before the regular season ends.

It is possible that the move could work out better than expected. If that were the case, Coach Scotty Brooks would have a difficult decision to make. Caron Butler brings a veteran presence to the Oklahoma City Thunder and a sharpshooter who can be a boost off the bench. The 33 year-old was averaging 11 points per game in a limited Milwaukee Bucks offense. A move to the Thunder would allow him more open looks playing alongside Kevin Durant.

The San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls rumors have them interested in Butler as well. One would have to imagine that Butler would be most intrigued by his opportunity in Oklahoma City, frontrunners in the Western Conference. They would allow him to do what he does best, shoot and rebound.

If the Caron Butler rumors are true, it looks like he may be playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder for the rest of the season.