Tim Tebow: Is A Return To Football In His Future?

Tim Tebow: Is A Return To Football In His Future?

Tim Tebow could be back in Denver next season at quarterback.

It doesn’t mean that Peyton Manning is out, and the Broncos aren’t trying a dual-quarterback experiment. In fact, Tebow’s avenue back to football isn’t even in the NFL.

Instead, the former Heisman Trophy winner has an outstanding offer to join the new A11 Football League, which has six franchises but is likely to award a new one to Denver very soon.

Scott McKibben, the commissioner and CEO of the A11 Football League, said Tim Tebow has been asked to return to football and give the league a chance.

“We have given Tim Tebow a proposed offer to play in the league. At this point Tim has not responded, we respect that,” McKibben said.

The A11 Football League will take place during the spring, and though the league is new it has already scored a partnership with ESPN to broadcast two showcase games later this year. Full play is set to start in 2015.

This isn’t the first time that Tim Tebow has been offered an avenue back into football, and it’s unlikely that he would take the deal. Last year he was offered a $1 million contract to play for the Moscow Black Storm, but turned it down.

Tebow also reportedly had offers to return to the NFL, but at a position outside of quarterback. Sources say the former Denver Broncos quarterback isn’t interested at returning as a tight end or H-back, and would rather stay on the sidelines if he can’t play quarterback in the NFL.

A return to the NFL — or any kind of football, for that matter — seems increasingly unlikely for Tim Tebow. He has settled into his work as a television broadcaster with ESPN and Good Morning America, and NFL teams don’t seem terribly interested either. After getting cut by the New England Patriots prior to the 2013 season, Tebow stayed in shape and waited for call that never came.