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Samsung Debuts USB Dongle For Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-1 USB Dongle

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet users on Saturday were greeted with some excellent news when the company announced a USB adapter that gives the tablet a single USB port.

With the port users can now use a USB mouse, connect a keyboard or add thumb drive access and other USB accessories to the mix for extra functionality.

The USB dongle connects to the units 30-pin dock connector and is priced reasonable well at just $20.

Personally when I’m working with any type of tablet I’m thankful to have lost the mouse and full sized keyboard for a little while, however some heavy tablet users might like to switch it up from time to time.

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3 Responses to “Samsung Debuts USB Dongle For Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet”

  1. Philip Brady

    I want to be able to connect my galaxy s to it and use it as a mobile internet point like with a laptop instead of getting tied down to another contract.

  2. Peter Ripley

    I wonder, I expect the the SGT 10.1's 30-pin connector the same connector as on the 7" galaxy tab? The bottom line is however – it is a TABLET, not a laptop, so if you need a laptop get a laptop instead of forever getting frustrated.

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