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Facebook Lookback: Nostalgic Videos Disappear After One Month If Not Shared

Facebook Lookback: Nostalgic Videos Disappear After One Month If Not Shared

Facebook lookback has been spreading rapidly across the social network this week, but if users want to hold onto the memories they’re going to have to click the “Share” button.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Facebook created the personalized lookback videos for “hundreds of millions” of its uses, showing when they joined the site along with some of their most-liked posts.

Facebook rolled out the 62-second lookback videos on Tuesday, 10 years to the day since Mark Zuckerberg and four Harvard University classmates started the site in a dorm room on February 4, 2004.

Zuckerberg himself had a bit of a Facebook lookback on Tuesday, sharing his memories about the site’s founding.

“People often ask if I always knew that Facebook would become what it is today. No way,” wrote Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, in a Facebook post. “I remember getting pizza with my friends one night in college shortly after opening Facebook. I told them I was excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needed to connect the whole world.”

Despite reports that Facebook has been losing ground among the younger generation to sites like Vine and Instagram, Zuckerberg said there is still more room for it to grow.

“I’ve spent a lot of late nights pacing around my living room with teammates just trying to plot out what our next move can be in order to keep pushing forward on this mission,” he told the Today show in an interview. “But one of the big things that I’ve taken away from the last 10 years is, there’s always a next move and you just need to keep on pushing forward and keep on doing the best thing that you can.”

The Facebook lookback videos went live at noon on Tuesday, but will only be available for a month unless they are shared to the timeline.

Users can find their own Facebook lookback videos by clicking here.

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8 Responses to “Facebook Lookback: Nostalgic Videos Disappear After One Month If Not Shared”

  1. Debbie Cohorst

    I can't get mine to work. I had the video but no share button. Now I only get 6 pictures. Judging from some of the responses on the lookback page, I'm not the only one. I hope FB will offer us a remedy.

  2. Karen Meerman Levene

    I have not been on FB for 10 years , can I still have a FB look back?

  3. Sergio Seabra

    I think regardless of time you should be able to get your video. For some reason mine doesn't show, but my sister's does and she doesn't have facebook for 10 years.

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