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Seesmic Now Available In Twhirl

Seesmic CEO Loic Lemeur has announced that Seesmic is now available in a beta version of Twhirl (download here). Loic is quick to point out in the video above that this is a trial and the new version may have bugs.

Having downloaded it my initial thoughts: this liberates Seesmic. I’ve never been a huge fan of the until previously dark layout of the Seesmic website, but with Twhirl Seesmic becomes convenient and easily accessible. The down sides: the test version doesn’t support video recording (this is being worked on) and Seesmic in Twhirl opens in yet another window (Twitter and FriendFeed have separate windows as well). Maybe the French are allergic to tabbed interfaces? I’m not sure what the reason is but I know I don’t have any more screen space left for yet another window, no matter how convenient Twhirl is now as a Seesmic conduit.

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  1. Duncan Riley

    No Probs Loic
    Seesmic isn't supported in the API WP plugin for Disqus otherwise I'd have it here now (in fact the box is checked in Disqus, it just doesn't show). Daniel tells me they're working on a new version of the API WP plugin so hopefully I'll have seesmic video shortly.

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