Brock Lesnar UFC 168 Rumors Not Denied By Dana White... Again

Brock Lesnar UFC 168 Rumors Not Denied By Dana White… Again [Video]

Brock Lesnar UFC 168 rumors have Dana White skirting the issue on whether or not they’re true, making some UFC fans hopeful.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brock Lesnar’s WWE return is expected for 2014 but a UFC return seemed in doubt.

Rumors about Lesnar started during a UFC 168 pre-fight interview. There were rumors that White and Lesnar had a secret meeting in Las Vegas to discuss his future UFC careeer, but White’s reaction cast some doubt:

“Really? I don’€™t know. I honestly don’€™t know. Honestly.”

All hope was not lost since some reports claimed Lesnar’s representatives have a history of being secretive. So if there are some negotiations going on White would not have been able to confirm them.

But then the Brock Lesnar UFC 168 rumors were given a shot to the arm with another statement by White:

“I don’t know. If there was something there and I hadn’t announced it, why would I tell you anyway… You don’t worry about what’s going on with Brock, if something happens with Brock, you’ll know about it.”

This statement has been described as being accompanied with a coy grin. To many, Dana White may sound as if he’s harboring a secret. After all, before UFC 146 he sounded very adamant that Brock Lesnar’s UFC career was over:

“He’s done. He called me a couple of days ago. He’s never coming back. His body can’t take it. He said he can wrestle, but he can’t fight. He was contemplating coming back.”

But some reports are saying Lesnar is using these rumors to get a better WWE deal:

“This is just a play for Lesnar to get a good contract from WWE when his deal is up. His last pay-per-view event was SummerSlam, which drew a very disappointing number with him in one of the co-main events (Lesnar vs CM Punk and John Cena vs Daniel Bryan)…. Lesnar is basically a mercenary, a guy with no particular affection for pro wrestling who broke in with a lucrative developmental contract, quit when the schedule became too much of a grind and returned when he could get a favorable deal for working a few matches each year. If he can’t get the deal he wants, he’ll go home and hunt all year. With SummerSlam being such a disappointment business-wise, he needs to play his cards right.”

As for Brock Lesnar, why did he leave the UFC in the first place? After all, Lesnar drew some of the biggest pay-per-view numbers in company history and so they tried to work out a deal at the time. But in 2009 Brock faced the biggest fight in his life with a case of Diverticulitis, a stomach disease. His UFC winning streak started to suffer after the illness and he suffered a flare up that caused him to cancel a match in 2011. After having surgery to remove a foot length of his colon, Lesnar was TKO’d in under three minutes and then promptly announced his retirement. Since then he’s been maintaining a limited schedule with the WWE due to his health.

While Brock Lesnar UFC rumors continue to flow, what we do know is that UFC 168 will feature Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2. Additionally, a Women’s Bantamweight Championship bout features current champion Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.