'WWE Raw' Results John Cena CM Punk Batista comeback

‘WWE Raw’ Results: CM Punk, John Cena Team Up With Batista Comeback

The WWE Raw results included an unusual team-up and the announcement of a comeback. CM Punk and John Cena teamed up for a strange fight during a Christmas themed show which a lot of fans reportedly found themselves wandering away from.

The Holiday spirit made the event downright weird. Dueling Santas and a caroling competition are not something you expect to see at a wrestling event, leading to fans getting bored and changing the channel. Those who stuck with it were rewarded with some incredible six-man tag teaming and an announcement which may have made your day if you saw it (and if you hadn’t caught the leak beforehand).

Vince McMahon had certainly made waves with his stirring of the Tea Party, especially with his former publicist Justine Sacco dropping an outrageously racist tweet. She was fired for it, and it oddly fit with almost everything that happened at the event itself. Megyn Kelly stirred even more controversy claiming that Santa is white, to which the response was the casting of the burly and energetic Mark Henry as the legendary character.

At least they hadn’t cast Big Show in the role of Saint Nick, considering his inability to keep Survivor Series afloat. Yes, the WWE Raw results point to a lot of weirdness probably not seen since the golden age when Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper were the draw.

Those who sat through the weirdness were rewarded when Cody and Daniel Bryan teamed up with Goldust and went up against the Wyatt family. Later, long-time rivals CM Punk and John Cena teamed up like it wasn’t a big deal alongside Big E Langston for a match against The Shield. John Cena did his Hulk Hogan thing more than ever, but it was still odd to see what were supposed to be rivals teaming up.

In case you hadn’t heard by now, one of the WWE Raw results was the announcement of the return of Batista on January 20. The video (above) announcing the Batista comeback was a little late for some who had heard the news leaked beforehand.

If you were one of those who had put up with the boredom and weirdness, the Christmas event had its definite payoffs.