Pizza Hut Gold Necklaces

Pizza Hut Giving Away Gold Necklaces In Japan

Pizza Hut found a very unique way to get people to buy pies in Japan over the holidays.

Instead of inventing some sort of bizarre pizza or offering outrageous portions for one ridiculously low price, the restaurant decided to put together a unique promotion to celebrate its golden crust pizza. For a limited time, customers have a chance to win a gold necklace shaped like a slice of pizza. We’re not kidding.

Although Pizza Hut could have easily skimped on the goods, Softpedia reports that each prize is worth an estimated $770. In other words, the company didn’t take a trip to the local dollar store and pick up a collection of chains for under two bucks.

Early next year, Pizza Hut will select eight lucky customers at random to receive the aforementioned gold necklace. If all of these folks were to assemble for a pizza party, their prizes would form one very expensive fake pizza. However, the chances of this actually happening are admittedly slim.

Of course, there’s a slight catch to this contest. According to Rocket News 24, hungry patrons will have to pony up a significant chunk of change to qualify for the promotion. Not only will people have to sign up for Pizza Hut Online, they’re also required to spend at least $43 on an order. A small price to pay for one-of-a-kind trinket shaped like a slice of pizza.

Pizza Hut kicked off the promotion to get sell more pies over the holidays. Since most people are busy preparing homemade meals for their friends and family, the pizza business tends to sag towards the end of the year. The company is hoping this will turn things around.

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