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eBay Opens Outside Developer Opportunity

eBay is opening up some of its code to outside developers.

The auction site has just announced the launch of Project Echo at its Developers Conference. The new plan will let programmers create their own tools in eBay’s Selling Manager, a set of software options for serious sellers. Utilities eBay deems suitable will be made available to sellers, with the web site taking a percentage of any user purchases.

The program is set to begin in a trial phase later this year with a full launch set for early 2009.

PayPal announced a similarly designed idea at the same conference today, unveiling a new Developer Central portal for programmers. The service, set to open next month, will give developers several free kits to help them better create new utilities.

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2 Responses to “eBay Opens Outside Developer Opportunity”

  1. Dan Balaj

    I just want to say that I was defrauded (and atleast six other buyers from the seller) on a purchase on eBay. Paypal and ebay did nothing to either punish the seller or to refund my money. If you absolutely must use ebay use your credit card to make payment because credit card companies will at least protect you against fraud.


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