Watch a video on Facebook, get a BOGO Chipotle deal

The masses of Chipotle fanatics seeking social media freebies are getting pretty easy to accomplish satisfaction today on the Facebook page for the new reality show America’s Next Great Restaurant.

Watch a spot for the upcoming competition show, in which the founder of Chipotle, Bobby Flay and two other investors are sorting through ideas to discover America’s next Chipotle-esque chain concept. The clip lasts 90 seconds, and afterwards, you’ll unlock a printable coupon for a buy-one-get-one free Chipotle deal. (Note that you must have a printer to redeem this deal, and if you’re a mobile offers person like me, you’re SOL on comped guacamole, sigh- why does no one realize not everyone has printers?)

Mashable describes America’s Next Great Restaurant ahead of its premiere early next month:

America’s Next Great Restaurant, which premieres March 6, pits 21 contestants against each other as a panel of judges decide whose restaurant concept is the best. The winner gets to “fully savor his/her great American dream of launching his/her own restaurant chain,” according to the NBC rep.

Chipotle is one of the most popular girls in the class when it comes to social media and brands, with a Facebook page that’s a veritable lovefest of fans raving about the chain’s high quality fast food. The brand has used social media inventively before, asking fans to forward their spam emails to raise money for healthy school lunches.

Did you watch the promo? Did unlocking the deal work for you?