Using the Internet to make your kids listen to ‘Alice’s Restaurant’

Isn’t technology great?

I remember shuffling through the stations on Thanksgiving to find a broadcast of “Alice’s Restaurant,” but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can use several online sources to embarrass your children while you drunkenly sing the chorus.

Grooveshark has several versions of the tune available to play- you can make a whole “Alice’s Restaurant” playlist to listen to it more than once. Also a great resource for making dinner playlists of pretty much every song you want to listen to that has ever existed.

Grooveshark is fantastic, but if you’re afraid of new programs or find the interface scary, there are options. YouTube has several versions of “Alice’s Restaurant,” as well- including one that features Johnny Cash. Of course, you don’t have to go searching, as we’ve embedded a version of “Alice’s Restaurant” below. (And if you’re looking, this source for “Alice’s Restaurant” lyrics doesn’t have any annoying or dangerous popups.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!