Lady Gaga’s Family Restaurant Overrun With Mice

The restaurant owned and operated by Lady Gaga’s parents allegedly has a bit of a rodent problem.

A few folks who decided to grab a bite to eat at Joanne Trattoria weren’t exactly pleased with the establishment’s furry dinner guests. Patrons reportedly spotted the mice while dining on the restaurant’s less-than-impressive cuisine.

Reports of the rodent infestation allegedly arrived mere hours after Lady Gaga’s dad Joe Germanotta told everyone that the eatery had received a very positive health inspection. Apparently no one told officials about the mice hanging out with the customers.

“It was like a scene from a bad comedy movie — except people were screaming not laughing. The poor waiting staff looked mortified,” one visitor explained.

Another customer said the mice were getting into the restaurant through a hole in the wall. In addition to snatching pieces of bread that had fallen to the floor, some of the rodents were even climbing on tables.

Unfortunately for Lady Gaga and her parents, this isn’t the first time the family restaurant has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Inquisitr reported last year that the eatery was hit with a number of violations that included issues with hygiene and cleanliness.

Germanotta said the restaurant received a downgraded rating earlier this year from the New York Health Department due to “one bad potato.” When Joanne Trattoria was bumped back up to an A earlier this week, the owner was quick to make the announcement on Twitter.

“We’ve got it back. Never give up! Got its A grade back. Funny how the New York Post doesn’t cover that. Where’s Mr. Potato Head now?” Germanotta wrote. Unfortunately for the restaurant owner, his celebration was short-lived.

No one from Joanne Trattoria has commented on these reports as of this writing. Since Germanotta doesn’t have a problem sharing his thoughts and feelings on social media, it’s probably only a matter of time before he addresses the alleged rodent problem.

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s family restaurant being overrun by mice?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]