Kansas Sinkhole Swallows Pasture, Keeps On Growing [Video]

Patrick Frye

A Kansas sinkhole swallowed a pasture as it continues to grow.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a car was swallowed by a Kansas sinkhole in Toledo and the driver got away. But one man in New Jersey wasn't so lucky when a New Jersey sinkhole swallowed him alive.

A Kansas sinkhole measuring 200 feet across and 90 feet deep has been spotted in Wallace County. The Kansas sinkhole is apparently still growing so the town sheriff is warning people to stay away.

Officials are still waiting on experts to come out and examine the Kansas sinkhole. They're not sure what has caused it since there's no nearby irrigation wells or oil drilling happening anywhere in the region. Whatever the cause, large cracks are spider-webbing their way along the edge of the giant Kansas sinkhole.

Fortunately, no one has been reported as being injured from the Kansas sinkhole. But locals continue to visit the sinkhole as it grows, so the landowner is attempting to stop the curious from visiting before someone gets hurt.

Local resident Gavin Mote says it's not that obvious how big the Kansas sinkhole is until you see it in person:

"I'd seen pictures and I knew it was deep, but I didn't think it was this deep. You get out here and you get a whole different perspective on how deep it is."

In the end, the local residents are calling the Kansas sinkhole a "God thing." What do you think about the Kansas sinkhole?