Hedge Fund Thief, Renata Shamrakova, Tries Crowdfunding To Avoid Jail

Renata Shamrakova, who stole nearly $1million in her role as a hedge fund manager’s assistant, has now turned to crowdfunding in an attempt to stay out of prison.

The 28-year-old, who was Todd Meister’s assistant, was ordered to pay $821,000 back to her former employer after she admitted in court that she took the money from him. She looked to raise the first portion of this sum by starting a “Restitution for Renata” page on GoFundMe.com, but unfortunately for her she has only succeeding in amassing $175 so far, from three generous donors.. She faces a prison spell of between one to three years.

However, those who have given her the money, might have ulterior motives. A male fan wrote on Shamrakova’s Facebook wall on Wednesday, “I would like to help. I’m going to spread the word… In the meantime I wanted to ask you… Are you single? Because you are very beautiful and I would love to take you out sometime.”

Shamrakova decided to break this well-wisher’s heart though by insisting that she was “flattered” by his comment, but was in fact not single.

However, there has also been some negative feedback to her request, with the user Peggy LaRue, noting, “It’s hard for me to put myself in your shoes since I am not a thief. Don’t worry I don’t think you’ll have much luck fleecing others. Find yourself a sugar daddy.”

Shamrakova admitted to tampering evidence and grand larceny after she used Mr Meister’s, who is the ex-husband of Paris Hilton’s sister, Nicky Hilton, credit cards to buy various luxurious items, which included jewelry, international trips, furniture and clothes.

However, she still remains positive that she can reach her target, telling NY Daily News, “I’m not disappointed because I didn’t expect to get a lot of donations right away. I did hope it would get a lot of views.”

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