Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘Spring Breakers’ Is Already A Hit On iTunes

Vanessa Hudgens’ racy crime drama Spring Breakers has already proven to be a hot commodity on iTunes shortly after its release.

Director Harmony Korine’s flick won’t hit physical media until next month. However, the controversial flick has already performed quite well with those who have made the switch to digital.

Selena Gomez announced the accomplishment on her Twitter page. The actress was quick to thank her fans for supporting the flick. She also seemed quite happy that people seemed to enjoy the movie.

Vanessa Hudgens responded to Gomez’s tweet with a simple smiley face. Despite the raunchiness of Korine’s Spring Breakers, fans of the actresses are apparently ready for them to take more adult roles. After all, American cinema doesn’t get much more R-rated than that.

Spring Breakers tells the story of four college students who decide to cut loose for a week of alcohol-fueled debauchery. After getting busted at a party, the girls are bailed out by thuggish gangster rapper Alien (James Franco). Their lives are soon changed forever.

Korine’s $5 million crime drama received a lot of buzz ahead of its release. This ultimately helped the flick generate $14 million during its domestic run. The film would go on to make a very impressive $35 million worldwide. Not bad for a movie that took a lot of chances and showed a lot of skin.

Vanessa Hudgens fans can pick up their very own copy of the flick on DVD or Blu-ray on July 19. If you simply can’t wait until then, Spring Breakers is now available on iTunes for $9.99. It’s currently ranked number five on the site, right behind James Franco’s Oz the Great and Powerful.

Vanessa Hudgens will continue her shift into R-rated fare with writer-director Scott Walker’s upcoming thriller The Frozen Ground. The High School Musical alum plays a stripped who helps a cop (Nicolas Cage) track down a notorious serial killer (John Cusack).

Are you a fan of Vanessa Hudgens? Do you plan to pick up a copy of Spring Breakers?

[Top Image via A24 / Annapurna Pictures]