V2 Electronic Cigarettes Get Great Reviews, But Are They Safe?

V2 electronic cigarettes get great reviews, but are they safe? V2 Cigs reviews have been touted as much cheaper and safer than the non-electronic alternative. However, doctors warn users against the assumption that electronic cigarettes are harmless.

E cigarettes offer smokers an enticing alternative. They do not burn, therefore there is no second-hand smoke. This is appealing for smokers who are increasingly ousted from bars, hotel rooms, and even their own home.

The electronic cigarettes also eliminate "smokers breath," ashes, and lingering odors on clothing, in the home, and inside vehicles.

In addition to the lessened annoyance to others, the electronic cigarettes lack numerous chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled. E cigarette users are simply inhaling vapor, nicotine, and flavor enhancers.

A wide variety of electronic cigarettes are available to consumers. However the V2 Cigs reviews have stood out above all other brands. As reported by Tech Cigarette, V2 Cigs reviews reveal that consumers are particularly happy with the pricing, flavors, product quality, and fantastic customer service.

In addition to the quality and customer service, consumers are offered a 30 day money back guarantee.

All factors considered, V2 electronic cigarettes have been touted as America's #1 Electronic Cigarette Brand. But are they safe?

As discussed by the US Food and Drug Administration, they have not concluded that electronic cigarettes, including V2 Cigs, are safe. As little is known about the long-term effects, the FDA has issued warnings to distributors of e cigarettes.

There are currently no studies concluding whether electronic cigarettes are "safe for intended use." It is unknown what, if any, potentially harmful chemicals are inhaled when using the products. The FDA also has concerns that their use may lead to the use of traditional cigarettes or other products containing tobacco.

Until more is known about the harmful effects, e cigarette users are taking a certain risk. For many, that risk remains less than those associated with traditional cigarette use.

Electronic cigarettes offer an alternative for an increasingly taboo habit. The V2 electronic cigarettes seem to be a popular choice. V2 Cigs reviews are largely positive for those who use e cigarettes.

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