Brielle Shooting Leaves Woman Critical At Jersey Shore Restaurant

A Brielle shooting very early this morning has left one woman in critical condition, and no arrests have yet been made in the late-night incident.

The Brielle shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Sand Bar restaurant in upscale Brielle in Monmouth County, and one woman, 35, was critically injured after a single shot was fired, striking her.

It was shortly after one AM when the Brielle shooting occurred, and police in the area hunted in the Point Pleasant neighborhood for a suspect — who residents have suggested may be the Sand Bar’s owner.

News 12 New Jersey reports:

“Police were knocking on doors near the Bay Point Harbor Condominiums in Point Pleasant Borough. Neighbors tell News 12 New Jersey the man police say they were looking for is the owner of the Sand Bar … Police have not yet confirmed who was shot or the identity of the suspect. The victim was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center with unspecified injuries.”

Larger news sources indicate that as of yet, no arrests have been made in the Brielle shooting, and police still have not disclosed the name of the female victim shot at the Sand Bar.

While an arrest has yet to be confirmed and the identity of both the suspected shooter and victim of the Brielle shooting have not been released, local radio news sources say that police may have identified the former and may be in the process of apprehending the alleged gunman.


Others report that police may have evacuated Brielle-area homes:

Brahney said on Facebook:

“It has been so strange to cover a shooting and suspect search in Brielle and Point Pleasant Beach this morning– neighbors at both scenes are telling us police identified the suspect they were looking for as the owner of the Sand Bar. The woman shot is 35, she’s in critical condition and witnesses who performed first aid on her until paramedics arrived say she also worked at the Sand Bar. We have another live report coming up at noon.”

Al Della Fave of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office confirms that a suspect in the Brielle shooting has been “contained,” but has not elaborated on specifics.