Piper Perabo Returns to 'Covert Affairs' Season 2 Tonight

USA Network’s hit CIA thriller, Covert Affairs, is scheduled to kick off it's second season tonight, with Piper Perabo playing the lead role of rookie CIA agent Annie Walker.

Covert Affairs experienced successful ratings during it's first season and Perabo, well known for her acting roles in films Coyote Ugly and The Prestige, earned a Golden Globe nomination for her efforts.

Although 34 year old Piper might be a tough sell as an spy who speaks nine languages, she actually has a good handle on the stunts for the show, being that she performs them herself.

“That’s me chasing the bad guys. That’s me running down the Potomac. One of the fun things about making this show is that they let me go for it. I know that when I’m watching an action sequence and they cut away and they show the hero from behind for the rest of the fight scene, I think, ‘Oh, the actor just left and now we’re watching a stunt person,’ it takes me out of it. I’m willing to suffer the bumps and bruises to make the show really great.”
At the end of the first season, Annie was escaping from Sri Lanka with former boyfriend Ben Mercer- played by Eion Bailey- when Ben was shot in the final frame.

Season two of Covert Affairs begins tonight at 10 p.m EST

via USAtoday