iTray Sushi Restaurant Drones Deliver Food In Air [Video]

Sushi restaurant drones called the iTray waiter service delivers food to diners while hovering in the air.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the iTray sushi restaurant drones are not the only recent innovation from a sushi restaurant. One restaurant is implementing a restaurant tip ban, raising prices, and putting their employees on salary instead.

The iTray sushi restaurant drones are being introduced at Japanese restaurant YO! Sushi. The flagship Poland Street restaurant in London, England will be the first restaurant location to feature the iTray drone system.

This iTray drone is not the first food drone on the market. Domino’s Pizza is already planning the DomiCopter drone to deliver two pizzas at once.

The iTray sushi restaurant drone “is a high-tech flying platter custom built using the most advanced RC Drone quadicopter technology and is remote controlled through an on-board Wi-Fi system and iPad software.” If you watch the videos of the iTray you’ll see the human server is keeping a careful eye on the iTray even though they can see everything through the two HD camera systems.

YO! Sushi CEO Robin Rowland introduced the iTray sushi restaurant drone as a way to promote their new sushi burger: “The concept came from our thinking of ‘How are we going to show people how light and exciting and fun this food type is?’”

The top speed of the iTray sushi restaurant drone is 25 mph, although videos show it going much slower and careful. Perhaps when human servers become more comfortable with the iTray sush restaurant dones they’ll eventually deliver the food while staying in the back of the restaurant. But you have to wonder about the future of waiters and waitresses if a newer version of an iTray comes with artificial intelligence good enough to fly itself to a customer’s table.

Would you want your food delivered by a iTray sushi restaurant drone?