Metro-North Crash May Halt Train Service For Days

Friday evening’s Metro-North crash may halt train service for days. Commuters using the New York to New Haven line may experience cancellations or delays as repairs are made, and the incident is fully investigated.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently examining the scene of the crash in Bridgeport, Connecticut. According to initial reports, two Metro-North passenger trains collided around 6 pm Friday evening. The train destined for New haven reportedly derailed and slammed into the other train, which was traveling in the opposite direction.

As reported by The Tennessean, US Senator Chris Murphy expressed his disbelief that nobody was killed in the massive collision. US Senator Richard Blumenthal echoed Murphy’s astonishment, stating “we are fortunate that even more injuries were not the result of this very tragic and unfortunate accident.”

As of this morning only three passengers are listed in critical condition. Two of those patients are reportedly “stable.”

Officials have stated that the Metro-North crash caused significant damage to the line. It is expected to take days to investigate the derailment and repair the damaged tracks. NTSB officials will explore the breaking system, wheels, tracks, and data collected from automated recorders.

As reported by CNN, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch expects full restoration of to take several weeks. He states that the current tracks were completely destroyed. Those tracks will need to be removed, and replaced with new.

Continuing bridge construction has already limited train travel from New Haven to New York City. The Metro-North crash will further limit commuters.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy sympathizes with commuters, and explains that the state is in the process of setting up a system to aid travelers. The system will include transportation from the Bridgeport station to the South Norwalk station, until the tracks are repaired.

The Metro-North crash was devastating, and will cause quite a headache for commuters. Thankfully, none of the passengers, on either train, were killed.

[Image via Wikimedia]