WWE News: Former World Champion Says He’ll Stop Wrestling Full-Time When Current Contract Expires Soon

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Daniel Bryan’s days as a regular WWE in-ring performer are coming to an end, according to the superstar. In a recent interview with BT Sports, by way of Sportskeeda, the former World Champion revealed that fatherhood will be his new main job in the near future.

Bryan stated that he still loves performing and doesn’t intend to hang up his boots altogether. However, he said that he won’t be on television as often as he currently is, as he misses his family too much when he isn’t with them.

“I’m just kind of switching priorities in my life where for years wrestling has been kind of the key focus and all that kind of stuff. Where like, my contract is coming up soon and not to say that but we’re looking at transitioning me to maybe less than a full-time wrestler. Like my time of being a full-time wrestler are numbered and I’m more going to be like a full-time dad, part-time wrestler. Wrestling is my side-job. Daddying is my most important job.”

During the conversation, Bryan shared a story about his daughter asking him to return home this week while they were video chatting. Bryan has been honoring his WWE commitments, which have kept him away from his family for a few days. He said that it’s moments like the one he shared with his daughter give him a feeling that he loves more than wrestling, and they’ve inspired his decision to dedicate more time to parenting.

Daniel Bryan delivers drop kick

Bryan may transition into more of a backstage role as well. As The Inquisitr previously documented, he’s been working on the Friday Night SmackDown creative team for months. It is believed that he’s gaining some experience before he makes the long-term switch down the line.

His tenure as a writer has also seen him trying to elevate rising and underutilized stars, too. As The Inquisitr report highlighted, the former World Champion has also been focused on trying to boost these performers during his own in-ring segments on television.

The fact that Bryan is using his star power to give the rub to other performers is another indication that his days as a competitor are winding down. The decorated performer wants to give back to the business, which isn’t uncommon for stars on the verge of retirement.

Of course, Bryan’s services are still required at the top of the card. He is expected to feud with Roman Reigns soon, suggesting that he still has some big plans in the works.