Qik Adds BlackBerry Support -- What About iPhone?

Live mobile streaming service Qik is coming to the BlackBerry. Qik has signed a deal to offer its platform on the upcoming new BlackBerry Bold as well as on the BlackBerry Pearl. The program is officially now in alpha mode.

Qik lets you stream video from your phone to the Internet with a couple of clicks. Online viewers can then chat and interact with you as you transmit your live feed. It's been used for reporting live coverage of events such as hurricanes and earthquakes, or even presidential debates.

Qik just recently signed a deal with Nokia to have its utility preloaded on its 5800 model. It's also already available on Symbian, Windows Mobile, and other Java-based phones. As for an iPhone app, Qik has yet to announce any official release date -- but there are signs of progress. The company is actively working on an iPhone application and has an early version under development, as Robert Scoble learned while touring Qik's headquarters last week. (See his Qik-created video here.)

The BlackBerry version is expected to enter beta mode within the "coming weeks," company reps say. Additional BlackBerry devices will receive support once the program reaches that point.