Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian’s Backed Into A Corner & Jason Reaches Out To Britt

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode suggest that emotions will be running high throughout Port Charles. The sneak peek shared via Twitter gives everybody a taste of what’s on the way.

The preview shows that Cyrus Renault will be popping up at Charlie’s Pub to talk with Julian Jerome. The mobster will tell the pub owner that it’s time to settle accounts, and this is certainly not good news for Julian.

Previous General Hospital teasers for the week revealed that Cyrus would have a hefty demand for Julian. It seems that he’ll want Julian to take out Jason Morgan, and it looks as if that might be coming during the November 17 show.

While Cyrus is trying to force Julian to do his bidding, Jason will be at General Hospital talking to Dr. Britt Westbourne. According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will have a theory that he’ll run by Britt.

This is probably related to Sasha’s overdose and the suspicion regarding Cyrus running drugs through Port Charles. General Hospital teasers have suggested that Britt will soon have something of an awakening when it comes to Cyrus and his true motives. It looks like that realization may come thanks to Jason.

The preview also shows Michael talking with Willow and Chase in the hallway at General Hospital. He’ll wonder how they didn’t know “this,” and that is likely a reference to Sasha’s drug use.

Until recently, this group of four had all been close friends. Unfortunately, after Chase and Sasha faked their fling to push Michael into marrying Willow, those bonds were broken. That sent Sasha spiraling out of control, and now the others are trying to figure out how things got so bad.

The General Hospital sneak peek also revealed that Sonny would have a chat with Carly. He gives his wife three guesses about who “she” got “it” from, and again, this is probably about Sasha and the drugs she received from Cyrus.

While much of Tuesday’s show will revolve around the various components of this storyline, there are some other developments on the way as well.

It appears that Franco will tell Cameron the bad news about his tumor returning. This will surely crush Cameron, as, after a lot of strife, he finally became very attached to Franco.

Dev will pop up, asking Josslyn and Trina if he can join them outdoors for a bit. The last time he saw them, he acted like quite the jerk, so he may find that they’re not all that interested in hanging out with him.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Ava and Nikolas will be getting some air time as well. It seems that they’ll end up talking about Ryan, as he’s apparently not entirely out of the picture yet. Nikolas will have Ava’s back in whatever comes next though.

Julian is expected to depart Port Charles soon, and General Hospital fans are anxious to see exactly how that happens. It seems that Sasha will survive this overdose, but the situation will clearly be causing a lot of strife in a variety of ways. Cyrus is determined to cover his tracks while others who care for her are trying to figure out what to do next, and the next few weeks should be quite the wild ride.