WWE Rumors: Update On Ronda Rousey's Possible In-Ring Return Revealed By 'Ringside News'

Despite recent reports that have suggested Ronda Rousey might make her return to WWE soon, it appears that the chances of an in-ring comeback within the next six months might not be so good after all.

Citing an unnamed senior WWE creative team official, Ringside News wrote on Wednesday that it might not be a "good idea" to expect Rousey to make an appearance for the company before her contract expires about six months from now. This comes weeks after the former UFC women's bantamweight champion was seen training with Teal Piper — the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper — and took to social media to blast her old rival Becky Lynch and her fiancé, Seth Rollins.

Additionally, Friday Night SmackDown superstar Natalya recently hinted that she was training with a mystery wrestler, further fueling the speculation that Rousey might be preparing for her pro-wrestling comeback.

Ringside News speculated that there's a possibility WWE froze Rousey's contract during her hiatus, but there haven't been any reports confirming this as fact. As such, the publication cautioned that her deal is most likely "running out in real-time" and that such information should be treated as a private matter between wrestler and employer.

Ronda Rousey (L) kicks Becky Lynch (R) during the Triple Threat match for the Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania 35.

The outlet also opined that Rousey's return is such a big deal that WWE should treat the event as a "big surprise," one that should take place in front of a live audience, preferably after the company does its part to generate interest and conversation among fans. The outlet also pointed out that the former Raw Women's Champion has been open about her reluctance to travel amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially since Florida is still among the states most affected by the ongoing health crisis.

Though Rousey originally cited her desire to start a family with her husband, MMA fighter Travis Browne, as the reason behind her hiatus from the squared circle, she later claimed on the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast that she made this decision because she felt WWE fans are "ungrateful," as quoted by Comic Book. She also sparked controversy by suggesting that pro-wrestling is little more than "fake fights for fun" — a comment she later on defended in a lengthy statement.

Despite the backstage heat and fan backlash she reportedly received for making the aforementioned remarks, WWE executive vice president Paul "Triple H" Levesque suggested that Rousey was still open to returning to the company. He stressed that he and other officials still have a "great relationship" with her and that she's welcome to return whenever she's ready to do so.