‘Big Brother 22’ Week 8 Spoilers: Power of Veto Winner Revealed

The cast of Big Brother All-Stars

Warning: This article reveals spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars.

Week 8 in the Big Brother house is almost complete with just the live eviction left for Thursday. A new Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned, and they subsequently put up two nominees on the block. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cody Calafiore nabbed his second HOH of the season before nominating David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. The players were chosen for the Veto yesterday, which Julie Chen revealed last week would be the classic OTEV challenge.

Alongside Cody, David, and Kevin, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, and Enzo Palumbo played in the Veto comp. As Dr. Will Kirby also teased last week, the upcoming competitions would feature prizes as well as powers, and OTEV was no exception. According to Big Brother Daily on Twitter, Cody took home the coveted Veto, putting him in total control during his reign.

Conversations on the live feeds after the POV suggested that someone went for the prize that was offered, which disqualified them from also nabbing the Veto. It turns out David immediately took the opportunity to go for the cash and ended up getting it, making him $10,000 richer. This surprised many of his roommates who felt safety was much more important than the money, but he clearly had his reasons.

Cody Calafiore gives a speech in the Big Brother house

Cody told Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott that David went for the cash because he plans to donate anything that he wins (other than grand prize) to charity from his time in the house. Christmas then suggested he was trying to be like Frankie Grande, who also said whatever money he won would be for charity.

David had also mentioned to Tyler that if he won America’s Favorite Player he would donate the $25,000 to Black Lives Matter. Tyler was impressed by this gesture and then turned to the cameras, telling those who watch the live feeds to vote for David at the season’s end.

Despite going after the money and not trying to win safety, David looks to be safe this time around. Kevin is the true target of most of the members of The Committee alliance, with Cody wanting him to leave the most. Since this season has seen most of the houseguests respect the wishes of the reigning HOH, Kevin will likely be walking out the door come Thursday.

Two houseguests will follow him immediately, however. The remaining players are currently unaware that Thursday night will feature an unprecedented triple eviction.