'The Challenge' Season 36 Spoilers: Cast Member Shake-Up Causes Producers To Scramble

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge Season 36.

Season 36 of hit MTV series The Challenge is currently filming overseas, reportedly in Iceland. The Inquisitr previously reported on the cast for the newest season, which features a variety of rookies and veterans. Some of the newbies hail from shows like Are You the One?, Survivor, and Big Brother. Major veterans such as Wes Bergmann, Darrell Taylor, and Chris "CT" Tamburello are back to show the newcomers how the game is played.

But things haven't gone according to plan. The Challenge spoiler Pink Rose has revealed some telling information on the show's Vevmo page.

After filming began, it was business as usual with players being eliminated one by one. Former winner Ashley Mitchell was the first female to get the boot after being beaten by Survivor winner Natalie Anderson. It wouldn't be the last of Ashley, however, as her co-stars would see her again.

Nelson Thomas was the third male sent home, but he somehow managed to work his way back into the game as well. This wasn't some bizarre new twist but an act of desperation by the show's producers.

It turns out there were just one too many disqualifications early on in the season so that people had to be brought back in order to have the game play out properly.

Ashley Mitchell competes on The Challenge

Nicole Zanatta and Olivia Jawando were both disqualified from injuries and were not sent home by another player. This is likely the reason Ashley was brought back in, but for now, Nelson's return doesn't come with much explanation. It doesn't appear as if any males DQ'ed at this point in time, but three other men had been booted fair and square. It's possible one or more of these men DQ'ed, but that hasn't been revealed. Rookie Joseph Allen, Wes Bergmann, and Lionel Green have all been eliminated fairly.

Unfortunately for Ashley and Nelson, they didn't appear to stick around for long after being brought back onto the roster. Pink Rose just revealed that the duo has been eliminated for a second time. The pair were likely targeted immediately upon returning to the game, as they were the easy choices for the remaining players to go after. Nelson and Ashley couldn't save themselves and had to pack their bags for the second time. How and who sent them home is unknown.

Season 36 is still well underway and hasn't made it halfway through filming yet, but MTV is expected to push it to air quicker than normal to give its viewers fresh content as soon as possible.