WWE Rumors: Backstage Reason For Roman Reigns And Paul Heyman Joining Forces Revealed

Roman Reigns kneels over a fallen Bray Wyatt

Citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, WrestlingNews.co revealed that Roman Reigns was reportedly paired up with Paul Heyman to give the latter something to do.

Heyman has been absent from WWE television since serving as Brock Lesnar’s advocate at WrestleMania 36. While he did work in a backstage capacity as the executive director of Monday Night Raw, he was let go from the position earlier this year.

Meltzer stated that the company’s reason for the unexpected alliance is twofold, but making the most of Heyman’s talents as an on-air personality appears to be the main reason for the decision.

“I guess the deal with putting them together, other than obviously they feel the need for Roman’s turn to be complete, the other end of it is that Heyman has got such a big contract and it’s kind of like I think that they want to justify the fact that he’s got such a big contract and he’s not doing anything.”

The former executive is currently signed to a performer’s deal for the foreseeable future. With Lesnar seemingly not set to return until after the pandemic is over and live crowds can return to the shows, officials want to use his manager to represent another top star.

Heyman went on to say that Reigns is going to become the biggest heel in the promotion. According to the journalist, it only made sense to pair Heyman with a top star since he also receives a lot of money to work there.

The revelation that Heyman and Reigns are going to be working together occurred at the end of the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Reigns was set to sign a contract for his Universal Championship match at Payback, and the episode ended with Heyman sitting next to him.

The segment was a shock as Heyman and Lesnar have always been foes. Some of Reigns’ most memorable feuds have been against the former UFC star, who has been Heyman’s client since “The Beast Incarnate” returned to the company.

In a separate report from WrestlingNews.co, the outlet noted that the company has big plans for Reigns as a heel. Officials reportedly wanted to add an edge to his character prior to his hiatus, hoping that it will eventually make fans warm to him and eventually solidify him as the top babyface.

The belief was that the superstar would have had a chip on his shoulder after defeating Bill Goldberg for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.