Mike Pence Slams Barack Obama's Claim That Democracy Is At Stake On Election Day

Tyler MacDonald

At the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday, Vice President Mike Pence took aim at Barack Obama for his suggestion that American democracy is on the line in the 2020 election, Breitbart reported.

"I heard the other day that democracy is on the ballot," Pence said. "But I think we all know the economy is on the ballot. Law and order is on the ballot. Our most cherished ideals of freedom and free markets are on the ballot."

As reported by CNN, Obama used his speech at the Democratic National Convention last week to accuse Donald Trump of attempting to suppress voters and warned that American democracy is at stake on Election Day. He encouraged Americans to begin planning on how they are going to become involved in the electoral process and cast their votes in November.

"Do it as early as you can and tell your family and friends how they can vote too," he said.

Obama is one of many prominent Democrats who have suggested that the Trump administration is attempting to undermine democracy with his attacks on mail-in voting ahead of the election.

Pence recently took aim at Obama by suggesting that the Trump administration has created more jobs in the last three months than Joe Biden or the former U.S. leader did across two terms. According to a CNN fact check, Pence's claim is untrue. In addition, the publication pointed out that the recent uptick in jobs came after the loss of 22.2 million in March and April. The publication also highlighted the fact that the economy is still short 13 million jobs.

Although Pence's official RNC speech is set for Wednesday, the politician on Monday again suggested that the Democratic Party is being pushed toward the left by the radical members of the party.

"You understand when you listen carefully to their agenda, beyond the platitudes and the attitude, you hear an agenda. Joe Biden and the Democrat party have been taken over by the radical left."