WWE Rumors: Real Reason Why Rey Mysterio Lost His Eye At ‘Extreme Rules’ Revealed

Rey Mysterio rests his head on the steel steps

Rey Mysterio lost his eye at last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and reportedly there was a large reason behind the controversial storyline decision. According to Ringside News, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the veteran superstar has been written off of television as his future is unclear.

The match saw Seth Rollins physically remove Mysterio’s eye from his head — from a storyline perspective — which resulted in “The Monday Night Messiah” vomiting afterward. The segment may be Mysterio’s last one for the company — unless both parties agree to terms for a new deal.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, the 45-year-old has yet to sign a new contract with WWE. He is currently a free agent, and while officials are reportedly hopeful that he’ll extend his stay, nothing has been set in stone yet.

The company supposedly isn’t giving performers pay increases at the moment, which could be delaying the process. There are financial concerns in WWE due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and Vince McMahon has been more focused on cutting costs than financially rewarding the roster.

The money is allegedly only one factor behind the hold-up, though. It’s been rumored that Mysterio wants assurances for Dominik’s future before he signs on the dotted line. Dominik is his son and a burgeoning wrestler in his own right. Mysterio is reportedly trying to use his influence to make sure that his family member has a secure future ahead of him.

In the current storyline, Mysterio may have lost his eyesight permanently. Meltzer stated that if WWE opts to continue with this outcome, it’s because Mysterio hasn’t decided to stick around. However, Extreme Rules also featured a medical update segment in which a backstage announcer revealed that Mysterio’s eyesight could be salvaged. This leaves the door open for the legendary luchador to return to Monday Night Raw down the line.

Meltzer also said that if Mysterio decides to join another wrestling promotion, it’s highly likely that his vision will be restored. The superstar is free to sign for a rival company should he decide to, and he does have friends in All Elite Wrestling.

In a separate report from WrestlingNews.co, it was revealed that Mysterio is still on track to stick around. The reason why his eye being removed wasn’t officially shown was that officials wanted to leave the incident open-ended. They did consider using CGI effects for a more graphic outcome just in case he decides to part ways, but in the end, they didn’t feel that was necessary.