‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’: Mr. Resetti Made Optional For Making Gamers Cry

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has had Mr. Resetti made optional for making gamers upset.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing was a breath of fresh air for gamers who wanted something light-hearted and whimsical to pass the time with. Keep in mind that this was before online community games like Farmville had come along, and you might get who the audience was for games like Animal Crossing.

One aspect of Animal Crossing was upsetting to some, namely young female players, and that aspect was Mr. Resetti. The mole character was known for shouting and threatening to delete your game if you reset it. Mr. Resetti was so upsetting to some young girls that the character made them cry.

Company president Satoru Iwata explained that they had reservations about putting Mr. Resetti into Animal Crossing: New Leaf because of his tendency to upset younger gamers, and so New Leaf made him an option. Mr. Resetti is the head of the Reset Surveillance Centre and now it’s been made a public work. As mayor, you can decide whether or not you want it. There is an incentive to having the organization, and Mr. Resetti, in your town, as without it and him, you won’t see some things.

Tom Nook is another character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, who has been made less threatening. Satoru Iwata said, “To put it in extreme terms, the game was basically about repaying your loan.” The team went through a process of deciding how best to eliminate the need for a loan, and the idea sprung up that you could just customize the town. You can decide when you want certain shops to open and close, according to your own schedule.

The idea for Animal Crossing: New Leaf was to make the experience less stressful, and make less gamers upset by characters that seemed to have anger problems or too much power over you. Nobody will complain if you don’t fulfill your duties as Mayor.

How do you feel about Animal Crossing: New Leaf making Mr. Resetti an option?