Melissa Reeves Reiterates She Did Not Know She Was Pregnant On ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

Melissa Reeves competes on 'The Challenge' Season 35.

Every week, it seems The Challenge: Total Madness star Melissa Reeves has to tell the same story to the show’s viewers — she did not know she was pregnant while filming the show. However, she is still being questioned by fans about why she put her body through what she did while pregnant.

Plain and simple, producers would not cast a pregnant woman on The Challenge because of the dangers it would put the baby and the mother in, due to the intense physicality of the show. Melissa recently clarified that The Challenge does not require a pregnancy test to be casted, but she had no idea she was pregnant prior to filming, so the producers didn’t either. After having enough of the hate from some viewers who guilted her for competing in the intense physical elimination against Nany Gonzalez this week, she took to Instagram to lay it all out for her followers.

“I’m getting tons of messages about tonight’s elimination & my pregnancy. Iv [sic] repeated myself at least a million times now. So here are the answers…again. Yes I was pregnant during this elimination & no I did not know I was pregnant. I’m fully aware that competing in a physically [sic] elimination whilst pregnant is not safe. But I didn’t know I was there pregnant & I am lucky that everything turned out Ok for me and my baby is fit and healthy. So happy I got my red skull & I’m officially qualified for the final.”

In addition to competing in a plethora of physical competitions, Melissa can be seen drinking alcohol while the group goes out to bars and clubs during the show. The DJ had her baby checked on after returning home from filming in Prague and everything appeared to be fine during initial sonograms.

Melissa gave birth to a healthy baby girl on May 25 after being in labor for three days. Eventually, her doctor opted for a C-section as the baby was a little bit on the heavier side, coming in at over eight pounds. Baby girl Vienna is healthy and has not had any issues due to what Melissa’s body endured while on The Challenge.

It was speculated that The Challenge co-star Kyle Christie was the father of Melissa’s baby, as the two were rumored to be hooking up on Total Madness. Melissa eventually squashed that rumor after stating she became pregnant before filming and later named the father to be soccer player Danny Simpson.

With a few more episodes to go in Total Madness, Melissa still might have to correct some viewers who are in the dark about her pregnancy. To see where Melissa finishes the season, you can check out spoilers for Season 35.