NeNe Leakes Is Reportedly Waiting On A 'Fair Deal' Before Signing Her 'RHOA' Contract

NeNe Leakes' return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta is reportedly still being negotiated by her team.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Bravo has asked Leakes to return to RHOA for Season 13. While Leakes is set to keep her peach next season, she is reportedly still in negotiations with the network. According to Hollywood Life, the actress will possibly be working on other projects while filming, and she is figuring out how she can pursue them and have her spot on the series.

"There is a larger conversation happening with other things potentially in development," a source shared. "So, she has yet to make a decision regarding the next season of RHOA," the source added.

Although the projects Leakes is reportedly looking at haven't been confirmed, fans of the reality star will know she's taken multiple opportunities while being a cast member of RHOA. In 2011, she was offered a recurring role on Glee and starred in the short-lived series The New Normal the following year. Leakes is allegedly on board with working on other jobs while filming RHOA, as the upcoming deals won't affect her main gig. However, she reportedly wants to ensure she's receiving the money she feels she deserves if she decides to put in the extra work.

"She was offered a contract, so it's her choice at this point if she wants to take it," the insider dished.

"She's weighing all options and it's going to come down to the right deal and money. NeNe just wants a fair deal for her and to get what she feels she's worth. Yes, it's about money, but it's also about what direction she wants her career to go in right now because she is discussing other things."
The source also shared Leakes' contract negotiations have nothing to do with her former co-stars. While she had altercations with several current Atlanta housewives in Season 12, Leakes is reportedly prepared to be professional and cordial with the cast next year.

Fans suspected Leakes was leaving RHOA when she posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday, June 17. In the tweet, Leakes said a certain someone wouldn't be able to get away with something they possibly did to her. While she deleted the message, her followers immediately thought she had been fired from RHOA. Leakes and her manager, Steve Grossman, confirmed she will be returning to the show and she said she would inform her fans herself if she decides to leave reality television again. Back in Season 7, Leakes left RHOA as a full-time cast member and only returned as a guest in Season 8. She returned back to the series in Season 10.