Stacy Talbert, Police Officer Whose Emotional Video About Her Experience At McDonald's Went Viral, Speaks Out

Stacy Talbert is a sheriff's deputy in McIntosh County, Georgia, who recently shared an emotional video of herself crying after a bad experience at a McDonald's drive thru. Talbert, who ordered a McMuffin, explained that she felt she couldn't take it because she did not watch it being made. Now she's clarifying what she meant, saying she knows people don't trust police right now, according to NBC News.

In the video, Talbert sat in her patrol car after the McDonald's incident. She explained that she had gone there to get breakfast after many hours of not eating. Along with a coffee, she ordered a McMuffin and hashbrowns. However, by the time she reached the window, the food was not ready yet so she was asked to pull up.

After she waited awhile, an employee came out to her car with the coffee but not the food she ordered. Talbert told the employee she no longer wanted the food items because she had not seen the food being prepared, thus suggesting she thought someone could have messed with her breakfast.

The video quickly became controversial as many social media users felt like a late breakfast was a small thing to complain about amid other issues going on in the world. But in a recent interview, Talbert explained that people did not understand what message she was trying to convey.

"It's not that people are waiting in the wings to hurt us. It's that people don't trust us," she said of herself and fellow police officers.

She went on to say that her video was not intended to shade McDonald's or the employees who worked there, noting that she frequently visits the fast food restaurant and is always treated with respect. Rather, the intention of the video was that she felt she might be targeted due to her profession and thus was too suspicious to eat the meal.

"Everybody lost the whole point of the video. I'm just so sick of people being mean," she said.

Nevertheless, she admitted that she can understand why some people were offended by the video.

"It was completely selfish. Maybe that's insensitive. But if everyone else is saying what's going on with them. Why can't I? I just wanted to share that I hurt, too," she said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, people on social media gave Talbert the nickname of "Officer Karen." "Karen" is a term which is intended to represent entitled white women who complain about small problems.