Cowboys' Michael Gallup Reportedly Not Being Discussed In Any Jamal Adams Trade Talks

If the Dallas Cowboys are interested in trading for Jamal Adams, Michael Gallup isn't on the table as part of the return, according to a post on Twitter by Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson. Robinson said there was a very simple explanation as to why Gallup isn't involved in any trade talks. He claimed the Cowboys haven't had official conversations with the Jets since the trade deadline, last fall.

Robinson said he knows Gallup is a name that has been mentioned in rumors regarding Adams. The problem with those rumors, according to the analyst, is that he didn't come up last fall. That means there's no way the two teams talked about him since they haven't talked this spring.

Robinson's report was the latest in what has been a lot of conflicting rumors regarding the Jets, the Cowboys, and Adams. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Adams and the Jets reached a contract impasse that had some believing he would be dealt.

Despite that impasse, some analysts believe the Cowboys haven't spoken to the Jets. Conflicting reports, most prominently from ex-Cowboy Michael Irvin, said there have been talks and that the Jets are looking for a first and third-round pick in exchange for Adams.

Adam Wells of Bleacher Report pointed out Irvin isn't the only one that thinks the Cowboys are interested in Adams and have had conversations with his current team. NFL insider Gary Myers said the Cowboys were "seriously in play" earlier this week. Myers appeared to be one of the first to mention Gallup as a potential return for Adams.

Wells believes the receiver would make for a natural trade chip if the rumors of talks are real. The Jets lost receiver Robby Anderson to free agency this year, and Gallup could be relegated to the No. 3 receiver this season.

The Cowboys re-signed Amari Cooper over the winter to a long term deal and then drafted CeeDee Lamb in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Gallup had a very good second season in the league, posting 66 catches for 1,107 yards and six touchdowns. Still, Wells thinks the team might consider him expendable.

The analyst believes Gallup would likely not be on the trading block if it wasn't for Jamal Adams. The defensive back is still young and is already a two-time Pro-Bowler. He could also help shore up a defensive backfield that lost Byron Jones to free agency this winter.

In order for that deal to take place, Robinson's sources that said the two teams haven't talked since last fall would have to be wrong.