Kaley Cuoco Has Al Roker In Hysterics With Her Bathrobe And Cat-Ear Headwear

Kaley was forced to speak to the 'Today' hosts in her car because the internet in her house wasn't working.

Kaley Cuoco has a positive start to her morning with Starbucks Blonde Sunrise Blend Coffee for the #StarbucksSunrise Campaign
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Kaley was forced to speak to the 'Today' hosts in her car because the internet in her house wasn't working.

Kaley Cuoco spoke to the hosts of the third hour of The Today Show via video chat on Monday morning, and the unusual ensemble that she rocked for her remote interview gave Al Roker a good belly laugh.

Kaley’s appearance also likely put smiles on the faces of many viewers as she explained why she was clad in a bathrobe. When the 34-year-old star of The Big Bang Theory popped up on the screen, Al burst out laughing. Meanwhile, Dylan Dreyer was initially bemused as she quizzed Kaley about her filming location.

“Where are you?” she asked.

Kaley was sitting inside one of her vehicles, and she was rocking a plush, pale pink bathrobe. The actress’s blond hair was pulled up in a messy high ponytail, which was secured in place with a scrunchie. To make her extremely casual look even more amusing, Kaley wore a wide white headband adorned with small pink-and-white cat ears.

“Guys, let me tell you something. Working from home is not working for me,” Kaley said.

After Dylan quipped that Kaley looked like “every woman right now,” the actress said that her wardrobe choice wasn’t intentional. She explained that she was getting ready for her video interview when an internet outage forced her to change her preparation plans.

“I woke up this morning to shower and get ready for this interview, and my internet was down,” Kaley stated. “So I had to go sit in the car in my hair towel and robe. This is what you’re getting today. This is all I could muster up.”

Kaley shook her head and hid her face behind her hand after recounting the rough start to her morning. However, Al and Dylan reassured the exasperated actress that they were perfectly fine with her informal attire.

“It’s so nice to see you like that,” Dylan said.

Kaley’s fans who follow her on social media know that she has fully embraced a casual, comfortable style as she rides out the COVID-19 pandemic in her Hidden Hills mansion. She’s usually rocking nightshirts and nightgowns in the photos and videos that she shares on social media. The actress even wore a comical nightshirt for her appearance on an at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While Kaley’s attire slightly derailed her Today interview at first, she eventually moved on to the reason she was on the show. The actress was promoting a fundraiser for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic condition that causes painful skin blisters, and Kaley is helping to raise funds for families who need wound care supplies. She and a number of other celebrities are participating in virtual meet-and-greet that fans were able to bid on through Monday.

The lucky winner of the chat with Kaley can only hope that she wears something as interesting as her robe and cat ears for their meet-and-greet.