Tiffany Haddish Uses Restroom During Zoom Business Call, Not Realizing She Could Be Seen

Tiffany Haddish sat down for a virtual interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday and revealed an embarrassing blunder she made recently during a Zoom business meeting. Not realizing that those on the call were able to see her, the comedian began using the restroom with everyone watching, according to E! News.

While licking a popsicle, Haddish animatedly explained to DeGeneres that she is new to video conferencing However, due to the quarantine, she had no choice but to learn. While she said she has been using Zoom a lot lately, it took her some time to adjust.

During the call in question, Haddish was pitching a show. Halfway through the business meeting, she had to go to the restroom but did not want to miss out on what was being said. Thus, she took the phone with her, not realizing one important detail about the teleconferencing service.

"I hadn't been using [Zoom] at that point in time, and I thought, Oh, whoever is on the front thing, that's all we can see. Whoever's talking is who we can see. Right? So I was like, I ain't gonna say nothing. I've gotta use the restroom. And I didn't want to leave the meeting, either. So I took the phone with me."
It didn't take long for DeGeneres to realize where the story was going, prompting her to laugh silently and place her head in her hands."Because I didn't know you could scroll over, and everybody could see everybody. I didn't know. So I took it with me, and I start using the bathroom. And they were like, 'Tiffany, um, you know we know you're in the restroom, right?'" Haddish continued, laughing.

Luckily, Haddish's embarrassment regarding the incident has passed and she is able to laugh at herself now. The mistake also ended up being harmless in terms of her career. She informed DeGeneres that despite what happened, she still managed to sell the show.

Unfortunately, this is not the only technological blunder Haddish has made of late. She told DeGeneres that when hosting a virtual cooking show on social media, she did not realize until later that she had forgotten to put on a bra.

Haddish also informed DeGeneres that she has been using the dating app Bumble and used it to go on a virtual date with Common. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Haddish's friend Wendy Williams has warned her against dating the rapper.