WWE News: Becky Lynch Shoots On Ronda Rousey, Discusses ‘NXT’ Title Match At ‘WrestleMania’

Becky Lynch locks Ronda Rousey in an armbar

Ronda Rousey is expected to return to WWE television at some point, but Becky Lynch doesn’t think the mixed martial artist’s heart is in the wrestling business. As quoted by 411 Mania, “The Man” recently spoke to Vicente Beltrán about the UFC Hall of Famer’s WWE run, and suggested that she expected an easy ride with the company.

While it’s believed that Rousey took a hiatus to focus on starting a family, Lynch thinks that the demands of WWE were too much for her. The Raw Women’s Champion — who will defend her title against Rousey’s real-life friend Shayna Baszler at this weekend’s WrestleMania 36 pay-per-view — claims that WWE isn’t as easy as some outsiders believe it will be, and Rousey is the latest competitor to learn that lesson the hard way.

“I’ve talked a long time that all these little MMA-heads that want to come into WWE because they think it’s an easy meal ticket but don’t put n the work, don’t put in the hours that we do when it comes to travel, when it comes to studying the craft, when it comes to the grind, when it comes to obsessing about this and making sure the crowd appreciates everything that we do. And so she doesn’t want to put in that work, I think good riddance to her.”

However, Lynch went on to say that if Rousey does decide to return, she knows where to find her. It’s possible that Rousey and Lynch will feud with each other since they have unfinished business following WrestleMania 35, where “The Man” beat her and Charlotte Flair to win both of the main roster’s Women’s Championships.

Lynch also sent out a warning to Rousey, informing her that she’ll need to step up her game if she ever returns. Lynch believes that she’s improved her own game while Rousey has being at home playing video games, and the former UFC star won’t be the No. 1 woman on the roster.

During the interview, Lynch also weighed in on the NXT Women’s Championship being defended at this year’s WrestleMania. The match will see Rhea Ripley defend her title against Monday Night Raw‘s Charlotte Flair, who is arguably the most decorated female superstar in the company’s history.

While Lynch approves of the championship being defended at the event, she did question why another star from the black-and-gold brand didn’t receive the opportunity. However, she also said that she’s impressed by how far the NXT women’s division has come, and praised its impact on the wrestling landscape as a whole.