WWE Rumors: Current Champion Reportedly Has Backstage Heat For Showing Up To Work Ill

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While The Miz currently plays a heel on WWE‘s Friday Night SmackDown, he might also be the most unpopular superstar behind the scenes at the moment as well, after reportedly showing up to the Performance Center showing signs of illness.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio‘s Dave Meltzer, by the way of WrestlingNews.co. Jimmy and Jey Uso were pretty displeased with Miz’s decision to still report to work despite feeling under the weather, while other superstars — such as Roman Reigns — have chosen to self-isolate to protect themselves and others.

“Roman Reigns made the call himself. It was interesting because he was there and made the call. It had to do in some form with Miz being sick and The Usos not being happy about it. I don’t really know much else, that’s really all I was told. It’s a weird story because if you followed it, basic logic is that he should have stayed home.”

As The Inquisitr report states, The Miz’s illness is supposedly what caused Reigns to withdraw from the event. The former Universal Champion was set to face Goldberg for the title at the Show of Shows, but he opted to back out since his history of leukemia makes him more at risk of catching the coronavirus.

Given that the Usos are Reigns’ real-life cousins, it’s understandable why they were angry at The Miz. While there have been no reports of the current SmackDown Tag Team Champion being tested for COVID-19, all superstars who are ill have been advised to self-isolate until they’re better.

Furthermore, it remains to be seen if The Miz will be disciplined by the company. If he caused Reigns to withdraw from the event as the report states, then management might see him as the reason why the show’s biggest match had to be canceled.

Miz was pulled from the event due to the illness. While he and John Morrison were due to defend their titles against the Usos, Miz’s partner is now expected to have a singles match against one of the brothers. This will allow the company to keep the feud going until the title match can happen down the line.

The coronavirus has disrupted WWE’s plans for the foreseeable future, with several superstars pulling out of WrestleMania and other upcoming events due to illness or illness prevention. In addition to Reigns, Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio also chose to withdraw from the event, and it remains to be seen who else will bow out of future shows until some form of normalcy is restored.