Laker Player’s Bentley Crashes Into Building

A Benlety owned by Laker’s player Jordan Hill crashed into a condo complex in Marina Del Rey last night.

Officials believe that the man driving the vehicle was drunk at the time of the crash. Hill was not present at the crash.

According to the California Highway patrol, the crash occurred early this morning at the Esprit Condominium Complex in Marina Del Rey. The Bentley was totaled in the crash and the vehicle caused major damage to the patio area of the building.

According to CBS LA, the driver entered a circular driveway in front of the building but forgot to continue his turn. The car hopped the curb and then crashed into the side of the building.

Daniel Spielman, a man who witnessed the crash, told NBC: “We heard a large bang and then a splash of water kind of like someone crashed into the pool. And then we walked outside and it looked like a water main had burst. You could smell gas … The driver and whoever else was in the car ran up into the building.”

The driver was identified as Michael Lacey. He was booked and taken into custody under suspicion of driving under the influence.

No one was hurt in the crash but police say that the Bentley was a “total loss.”

The Lakers player has not commented on the crash yet.